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Heading overseas?

International Roaming is automatically activated for Telstra Pre-Paid mobile services.

When you arrive at your international destination we’ll send you an SMS to let you know the costs of mobile usage in that country, and how to cancel International roaming on your device.

International Roaming Browse Plus Packs

pre-paid data packs

If you're a Pre-Paid customer, your service is already activated for roaming. Use our itinerary builder to check that we support international roaming at your destination before you leave.

If you need data while travelling, our data packs are a great way to save on costs. For a one-off charge, you'll receive a data allowance that lets you browse the internet, check emails and access your social media while travelling. Buy a data pack from the menu below or

Check availability map

Spend tools

Use the tools below to help you track your usage, recharge and check your balance while overseas.


Check your data usage

Dial #100# from your Telstra mobile. Press Send to see the menu and follow the prompts.

Call +61 439 125 109 from your Telstra mobile and speak to one of our team.

My account

To access My Account you’ll need to login with your Telstra My Account username and password.

You can register for My Account at

You can also check your usage free of charge by visiting from your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile, tablet or broadband device.

Usage alerts

We’ll send SMS alerts to keep you up-to-date with your usage. Depending on your Pre-Paid set up you might receive multiple usage and pricing SMS alerts. There is no charge for receiving these SMS alerts.

The alerts we’ll send:

  • If you have an International Roaming data pack, we’ll send you an SMS when you’ve have used 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance.
  • If you use 100% of your data allowance we’ll send you an SMS reminding you of the cost to use data while overseas.
  • If you’ve set up a Balance Based Automatic Recharge we’ll send you an SMS for every $100 of International Roaming pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data you use.

Please note: You can’t opt out of these SMS alerts.


Availability map

Find a destination:

Network availability

Network Frequency / Availability
Data Roaming

Note: Network types and frequencies vary by carrier and country. Contact us on live chat to check compatibility with your device.

Destination Make and receive a call
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Send SMS
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