Pre-Paid Mobiles

Roaming overseas? Don't forget to pack your data.

Stay in touch while you travel by adding a Plus Pack to your Pre-Paid service. Don’t forget, you’ll need recharge credit to pay for your pack.


Make sure you can roam first

Check our availability map to make sure Telstra roaming is available in the country you’re visiting.

Check map


  Recharge your service

If you've already got enough recharge credit to purchase a Plus Pack, scroll down to choose one below.

If your Pre-Paid service has run out of credit, you’ll need to recharge or top up first. Make sure your recharge amount is the same or more value than the Plus Pack you want to purchase.

Recharge now

pre-paid data packs

If you're on Pre-Paid Plus, you'll need to top up your service to the value of the Plus Pack you want, then redeem your Plus Credit for the International Roaming Browse Plus Pack. 

Top up now

  Add your Plus Pack

Choose the pack below that gives you enough data for international roaming while you travel.

For help with Plus Packs, view step by step instructions on how to purchase a Plus Pack

  Track your usage

The easiest way to keep track of your call, text and data usage is in the Telstra 24x7 app, but you can also do this online or over the phone.

Download the app to save your payment details, quickly check your balance and view your data usage.

Check your usage from your browser on your Telstra mobile, tablet or mobile broadband device.

Dial #100# from your Telstra mobile, then select “Balance Details” from the menu and follow the prompts.

Roaming Availability

Find a destination:

Network availability

Network Frequency / Availability
Data Roaming

Note: Network types and frequencies vary by carrier and country. Contact us on live chat to check compatibility with your device.

Destination Make and receive a call
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Send SMS
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Receive SMS
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per KB
Send MMS
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