If you have received an SMS noting that you will receive both a paper bill and an SMS notification

SMS sent from 0427-855-172:

Hi {first name}, it’s Telstra here. We’re always trying to find ways to make life easier for customers so we’re running a 3-month trial. We’ll SMS you a link to view and pay your bill online. We’ll also continue to send your paper bill. To OPT OUT of the trial, reply NO.

  1. What is this trial about?

    At Telstra, we strive to deliver our customers simple and convenient billing options. As such, we’re trialling a new way to let our customers know their bill is ready to view and pay via an SMS. Customers who take part in the trial will be sent their key billing details, including their bill amount and their pay by date, via an SMS notification as well as receiving their regular paper bill delivery.

  2. Why have I been chosen for this trial?

    You’ve been chosen because you’re a valued customer and we’d like to know whether you think receiving bill notifications via SMS is an improvement to the way you currently receive your bill. By trialling this with a select group it gives us the ability to assess whether it is a service we could provide to all our customers.

  3. What is the benefit to me if I am involved in this trial?

    For the duration of the trial you’ll receive your regular paper bill as well as bill notifications by the simple, convenient method of SMS.

  4. Do I have to be involved in this trial?

    No. If you don’t wish to participate please respond to our invitation SMS with ‘NO’. Your bills will continue to be sent to you as normal.

  5. What do I have to do if I don’t opt out of the trial?

    Nothing. For the duration of the trial you won’t be required to take any action. Your bill notification will arrive via SMS around the time your regular paper bill is sent. The SMS will provide you with a link to go online and download a pdf copy of your bill as well as provide you with options to pay your bill.

    During the trial you may be asked to complete a survey so that we can receive your feedback to help us improve our service.

  6. How do I opt in?

    You don’t need to do anything, we’ll automatically opt you in.

  7. Can I opt out of the trial at any time?

    Yes, you can opt out at any time. To opt out, just send an SMS from the phone you received our invitation SMS message on to 0437-023-585 with “OPT OUT”.

  8. How do I get a copy of my bill?

    You can download a copy of your latest bill, as well as any previous bills, any time by logging into Telstra 24x7 My Account via my.telstra.com.au/myaccount. You can also do this via our My Telstra app. If you don’t have access to Telstra 24x7 My Account or the My Telstra App, you can sign up here.

  9. Will I be notified when the trial is finished?

    Yes, you’ll receive an SMS advising you that the trial has ended and that your billing method will return to normal as of your next bill.

  10. What happens when the trial is over?

    We’ll thank you for participating in this trial and use any feedback you’ve provided us during the trial to offer the best billing options available to our customers.

  11. Can I stay on SMS bill notifications after the end of the trial?

    At this time, SMS bill notifications will only be available during the trial period. If the trial is successful we may introduce this option permanently. Having experienced the benefits of paperless billing, you may want to alter your billing method to email bill - log onto link provided here

  12. How do I keep my billing details up to date?

    To ensure that your bill is sent to the correct address, you can log into Telstra 24x7 My Account anytime via my.telstra.com.au/myaccount to update your billing details. Just click on Personal Details – Contact Details and make the change. This includes your postal address and any email addresses. You can also do this via our My Telstra App. If you don’t have access to Telstra 24x7 My Account or the My Telstra App, you can sign up here.