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Tackle tech like an expert.

The Telstra Device Care App helps you manage your device.

It provides you with seamless content transfer between devices, cloud backup and restonation of your content, Self-Care to keep your device running at its best and Assisted-Care, where support from an authorised Telstra Agent is required to troubleshoot any issues.

Do it all yourself with Device Care

Get your new device up and running faster with Device Care. Transfer all your content in one easy move via your home Wi-Fi network, or backup and restore with Google Drive.

You can even run diagnostic checks yourself with full cloud connectivity. Device Care will identify any issues with your device and resolve them automatically, or give you options to quickly fix them yourself.

It’s the smarts you need to get connected and stay connected in the one do-it-yourself app.

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Three reasons to get the app

Full cloud back up

Full cloud back-up

Back up or restore your content from Google Drive, and have a copy permanently saved in the cloud.

Diagnose it yourself

Diagnose it yourself

Run basic device diagnostics with single click resolutions.

Get help with your phone

Get help with your phone

Get remote help from an authorised Telstra Agent who can initiate a range of advanced diagnostics and hardware tests.

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