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How to read your bill

We´ve changed the bill based on customer feedback and hope it helps make things simpler. In a nutshell, technical terms have been replaced with clearer language and we´ve introduced a new colour scheme to help you find what´s important. If you need help, customer support is available 24⁄7. If you have any suggestions, tweet us or ask a question on CrowdSupport or via Facebook®.


  1. The grey section shows a snapshot of your bill. It lists the sub total for each service and at the bottom, you'll find the overall total. If there's any outstanding amount, it's also listed here.

  2. This is the due date of your bill.

  3. If you have any questions about your bill, our contact details are shown here.

  4. Payment options are listed here.

  5. Each service has an icon and a different colour.

    You can match these with information on the following pages, and see which charges relate to which service. 

Bill summary

  1. If you've gone over your Plan allowance, the details are listed here.

  2. Anything not included in your Plan is shown here.

  3. These items are outside your Plan allowance or are partly discounted. Any credit or debit adjustments will be shown here.

  4. This column shows the sub totals and the overall total of your bill.