Information about the service

Telstra Trades Assist is a cloud-based asset and service management solution that can be accessed on compatible tablets and mobile handsets and compatible operating system and browser with internet connection. You can purchase the initial Telstra Trades Assist subscription from the Telstra Apps Marketplace with additional User Licences using the Telstra Trades Assist admin console.


Telstra Trades Assist is designed to make running your business easier by simplifying and automating many of the day-to-day business activities such as scheduling jobs, managing customer assets, quoting and invoicing, and helps you make better informed business decisions with real-time data.

Telstra Apps Marketplace

The Telstra Apps Marketplace is a web-based marketplace that enables you to purchase and manage various software applications that we make available from time to time. You need an internet connection to access the Telstra Apps Marketplace. To start using the Telstra Apps Marketplace, visit and create an account.


You may need to meet minimum system requirements to use certain applications available on the marketplace, which will be set out on and Our Customer Terms. You’re responsible for ensuring that you meet these requirements.

Telstra Trades Assist User Management

The account creation of user(s) and ongoing user management of your Telstra Trades Assist service, excluding subscription changes, is made directly using the Telstra Trades Assist admin console.


Important: The Telstra Apps Marketplace has its own user management which is distinct from the Telstra Trades Assist user management. You may receive notifications such as password resets for your Telstra Apps Marketplace account from time to time after initial order of your Telstra Trades Assist service.


You will need a compatible device to access the Telstra Trades Assist Mobile App and supported Operating system and browser to access the admin console. A full list of compatible devices and browsers is set out on the support page of

Minimum Term

12 months. You can add additional users at any time, and if you do, the term for each additional user will end at the same time as your initial application term. The minimum term on month-to-month subscriptions is 1 month.

What's Included

Each plan comes with an administrator portal to enable a nominated user in your business to manage initial setup and allocate relevant access rights to your users (workers) on the account. Telstra Trades Assist allows you to:


Monitor and track the condition of assets installed and/or repaired in the field.

Schedule and track jobs according to skills and availability, before dispatch.

Keep a full register of customers including locations, addresses and points of contact.

Create checklists for capturing general and compulsory information at certain job stages to help safety and compliance in the field.

Use the live dashboard to better understand the profitability of your business and individual customers, and productivity of your workforce in real time to make better business decisions.

Manage projects and collaborate with industry leaders to access their products and services directly from the Telstra Trades Assist admin console.


For a full list of included features, please visit

What's not included

To access Telstra Trades Assist, each user will need to download the application to their Compatible device. Data download charges may apply.


Not all administrative functions are available through the Telstra Trades Assist mobile application. To access all administrative functions your administrator needs to access the Telstra Trades Assist admin portal using their web browser.

Expert Support and Set up

Standard support services and guided set up is provided to all customers by our Australia-based concierge team, with optional on boarding services to make your move to Telstra Trades Assist fast and easy and help ensure it's adopted across your business in record time.  


You may choose to purchase for an additional fee:


Premiere On-boarding service which includes Integration with popular accounting systems, Basic data load and comprehensive training for all users – administrator and workers.

Premiere On-boarding (12 month subscription) *

$195.00 per month (inc.GST)

Premiere On-boarding (Onetime)

$2,250.00 one time (inc.GST)

 *Minimum cost over 12 months is $2,340 (inc. GST)


Platinum On-boarding service includes everything with the Premiere On-boarding service plus: an Advanced Data Load and the ‘Power Up’ Program which comes with the Blueprint for Success Starter package, a self-paced online learning module delivered by our partner Cube performance to learn practical tools and techniques to operate your business more professionally and profitably and an Assisted Change Management program to make sure Telstra Trades Assist is adopted and working well across your business so it delivers value from the start.

Platinum On-boarding (12 month subscription) *

$350.00 per month (inc.GST)

Platinum On-boarding (Onetime)

$4,000.00 one time (inc.GST)

*Minimum cost over 12 months is $4,200 (inc. GST)


For full details about our standard support services and the Premiere and Platinum On-boarding service, please see the full legal terms for this plan contained in your agreement with Telstra, including Our Customer Terms which is available at

Information about pricing

You need to purchase an initial user license subscription plan that covers each intended user. Additional user licenses above your subscription can be purchased from within the Telstra Trades Assist admin console which occurs when adding a new worker (user).


Contract Plans

Contract price per month (inc GST)

Included number of licenses











You can apply ‘additional’ licenses to your current subscription for $40 per user per month (inc.GST) within the Telstra Trades Assist Admin console or select to move up to the next plan using the Telstra Apps Marketplace, whereby a new term commencement will apply.


Month to Month Plans

Contract price per month (inc GST)

Included number of licenses











Month to Month plans have a 1-month minimum term and can move up or down within the same subscription using the Telstra Apps Marketplace. You may also apply ‘additional’ licenses using the Telstra Trades Assist Admin console for $50 per user per month (inc. GST).

For customers taking up a contracted or month to month plan

We will waive the charges for your Telstra Trades Assist license when selected in your first order for 30 days following the date of purchase.


At the end of the 30-day free period, your subscription will be charged at the applicable monthly rate. Minimum cost (inc. GST) for contracted plans over 12 months for 1 user plan is $588 (inc. GST), 3 user plan $1,404 (inc. GST), 5 user plan $2,124 (inc. GST), 10 user plan $3,996 (inc. GST) and 20 user plan $7,500 (inc. GST).

For customers taking up a 30-day free trial offer

You’ll receive your subscription free trial for the first 30 days on your initial order.


At the end of the 30- day free trial you'll need to opt into a paid subscription plan via the Telstra Apps Marketplace. If you do not opt into a paid plan within 14 days of the trial expiry your licence(s) will be cancelled. If after 14 days you wish to subscribe to a paid subscription, you’ll need to re-order a new paid subscription plan and you will not receive another 30-day free trial.

Early Termination Charge

If your Initial contracted User Licence Plan subscription is cancelled or terminated (other than for our breach) before your Minimum Term has ended, we may charge you an Early Termination Charge (ETC). The ETC is calculated as 65% of the applicable monthly charge for your Initial User Subscription Plan multiplied by the number of remaining months in your plan Term. Early Termination Charge (ETC) does not apply to month to month plans.

Other information

You may have more than one active User Licence on your account at any time. A separate login with a unique email address will be required for each User.


In your first order there is no fee due at checkout. Telstra Trades Assist subscriptions are charged monthly in advance. Your first bill will include pro-rata charges with any additional licenses you add using the Telstra Trades Assist Admin console to start billing from the following month for the full month. If you remove any additional User Licence or change your subscription plan during any billing period, you will be charged for that User License as if it had been active for the whole billing period.


This is to account for the full month discount we offer on contracted plans for the first 30 days and also includes any additional licenses purchased through


You’ll find more information at For technical support of the Trades Assist application or general enquiries for Trades Assist, please email


If you have questions about your bill, or account support for Telstra Apps. Marketplace, please call the Marketplace team on 1800 878 483 or 1800 808 981 (TTY).

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This is a summary only. The full legal terms for the Telstra Trades Assist service are available at

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