Find your lost devices with the updated My Telstra app

We’re always busy adding great new features to the My Telstra app. This month we’ve added something you’ll really like: a Device Locator that allows you to find your phone when it wanders off!
Jenni Barnett · 10 September 2020 · 3 minute read

The new Device Locator function allows you to track down any registered Telstra iOS and Android mobile phone, or even a SIM-enabled tablet.

When activated, the Device Locator places a pin on your map marking your device’s last known location. That means you’ll be able to find it fast.

Device Locator will also have advanced features in the future, with the ability to play a sound on your device to help you track it down faster, even when you drop it in-between the couch cushions! The Device Locator will also allow you in the future to put a message on the screen, so a Good Samaritan can return it when it turns up. Just one more way we’re making your life easier with the My Telstra app!

Speaking of making life more convenient, eligible customers are now able to manage their eSIM directly from their device using the My Telstra app. eSIM is a digital SIM card, which opens up the opportunity for you to have multiple phone numbers on one device. That’s right, no more carrying two phones. You can have work and personal numbers on one device and manage those numbers easily from the app.

Alongside these updates, you’ll now be able to view your 5G network access trial in the service summary screen in the app. In the future, you’ll also be able to check for 5G service coverage in your area in My Telstra. 5G is the next generation of mobile technology and has the potential to transform the way we live and work.

The 5G network access trial is available on selected plans so everyone with a compatible device has the opportunity to try 5G when in a 5G coverage area.

Keen to give 5G a go? Upgrade to our new 5G mobile plans before 30 September.

Our 5G plans are only available in 5G coverage areas with compatible devices. Check our coverage maps online for more information.

The app will also help you stay on top of your bills, with more personalised push notifications. This feature will send customer in-app notifications to ensure you know when a bill is due.

You can download the My Telstra app for both Apple and Android devices, making it easy to view your services and bills and to make payments on the go.

Things you need to know

Existing Telstra 24×7 app users may need to manually upgrade their app by searching My Telstra in their app store, then tapping update.


By Jenni Barnett

Digital Channels Executive

Jenni is a senior executive with a 20+ year background in digital transformation, marketing and product management, across Telco, Financial Services, Tech and not for profit. Jenni joined Telstra in August 2018 and is Head of Digital. Her role is to accelerate the impact of Digital to meet customer needs and deliver on Telstra’s T22 strategy and beyond. She is accountable for digital and digital assisted channels including app, web, social and community, search, chat bots and messaging; the digital P&L; the digital intelligence ecosystem; and transforming customer experiences in digital and across channels. Prior to Telstra, Jenni was one of the execs to establish the well-known market leading digital team at the Commonwealth Bank and take it from a start up to a high performing commercial and customer focused channel in less than four years. Jenni was accountable for digital sales, service and product development, conversational commerce and personalisation capabilities across channels, and digital publishing. She has worked in scale Agile environments for 7+ years and is a highly regarded contemporary leader.

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