How will it work?

We're investing in renewables

Just like other electricity retailers, with Telstra Energy you'll still receive a mix of fossil fuels and renewable energy to power your home.  

However, we’re making a difference by investing in renewable energy projects to feed more clean energy into the electricity grid. 

More renewables in the Australian electricity grid means less reliance on coal-fired power. By joining Telstra Energy you can help us make a difference too.

We're already taking action

We’re not just talking about tackling climate change, we’re proactively making changes. Telstra already has renewable assets that generate wind and solar power. This renewable energy equals more than half the fossil fuel energy used by the Telstra business.  

That’s equivalent to methane emissions from 7 million wild pigs, running emissions from 30,000 cars or displacing 150,000 homes’ worth of fossil fuelled energy.

Carbon neutral at no extra cost

All Telstra Energy electricity and gas plans will be carbon neutral through emissions offsets. You won't need to opt-in, we’ll take care of all that for you. All you need to do is sign up to Telstra Energy when you are eligible.   

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Carbon neutral

We’ll offset the carbon emissions from your energy use. All of our customers, all of the time, at no extra cost. No opt-in required.

Smarter choices

My Telstra app provides user-friendly data about your daily energy usage when you have a smart meter. 

Be rewarded

With Telstra Plus you earn points to redeem as discounts on services, accessories and more.

Supporting local

Our electricity and gas customer service team is 100% Australian based. 

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Check if we'll be offering electricity and gas in your state or territory once our plans have launched.

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We’re committed to acting on climate change, which is why our electricity and gas plans will be certified carbon neutral. Learn more about Telstra Energy today.

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