To store and protect

It’s our responsibility to protect the personal information we store, and we take it very seriously. That includes using a combination of technical solutions, security practices and internal processes to prevent unauthorised disclosures, including encryption of stored and transmitted data.

Our Code of Conduct

All our employees and contractors are bound by the Telstra Group Code of Conduct. The Code ensures that as individuals and as a company we understand and comply with all the laws and regulations that apply to our business, as well as Telstra’s own policies and procedures.

Employees and contractors who do not comply with the Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action, including termination of their employment. 

Controlled access

Telstra employees and contractors can only access personal information when expressly required by their jobs, and that access is captured and recorded by our Privacy Logging System.

We only keep your Personal Information as long as we need it for business, tax or legal purposes. After that, we destroy it by making it unreadable or indecipherable.