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Our tools

Find out about our products that have been designed to work with your devices and service options and will help you stay safe online.

Telstra Broadband Protect helps protect you and your family on devices connected to your Telstra home broadband service, without needing to install any software. You can help protect your kids from inappropriate content and get automatic protection against websites which might try to scam you or contain malicious content – on devices connected to your Telstra home broadband service.

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Telstra Mobile Protect is designed to help protect your children when they're using their mobile devices, and lets you manage usage on the mobiles and tablets on your account. Block unwanted calls, messages and websites, and set time-of-day restrictions. Telstra Mobile Protect is available with your Telstra post-paid mobile at no extra cost.

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StayConnected is our swap, replace and restore service for eligible new mobiles and tablets. It also helps keep your device secure when online (Android only) and can back-up and restore precious data like photos, videos and contacts.

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