Mass Service Disruption Exemptions

General Notice of Customer Service Guarantee exemption for Mass Service Disruption to Telstra services and operations

Sometimes things happen beyond our control that mean we can’t connect or fix faults to standard telephone services in our usual timeframes, or even keep appointments. These situations can include natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and instances where our facilities have been damaged through no fault of our own.

During these times a Mass Service Disruption exemption may be put in place. This exempts us from complying with the Customer Service Guarantee performance standards for the duration of the Mass Service Disruption.

The exemption process is explained in sections 22–27 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011, which can be found on the ComLaw website.

When a Mass Service Disruption exemption is in place, we'll either issue a detailed public notice via a daily newspaper or we'll mail information directly to you.

Network outages – find out about other network outages that may be affecting your Telstra service. 

List of public notices

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