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protection online

Available to Telstra broadband customers, Telstra Online Security is a suite of tools that helps keep you and your family safe online.

They work together so that up to six computers (Mac or PC) are virus free, your identity is secure and your family protected from inappropriate content when online.

So you and your family can bank, browse, shop and enjoy social media with confidence.

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Computer protection

Protect up to six computers.

Help prevent known viruses, spyware and other threats from running on your Mac & PC computers with real-time Anti-Malware software. Automatic updates keep your protection current.

Safe browser

Bank and shop safely.

Reduce the risk of theft of the personal and financial data you use in online transactions, such as credit card numbers and passwords.

Social media monitoring

Guide your kid's social media usage.

Social Media Monitoring helps to detect stranger danger, cyber-bullying and bad language on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Parental controls

Keep your family safe online.

Parental Controls gives you peace of mind when your family is online. Allow appropriate content but restrict access to anything that isn’t.

Phone and email support.

If you need help, we’re always around with 24x7 phone and email support. Use the security console for one-click help or contact the Telstra Online Security support team.

Is your PC protected?

Make sure you're protected from online threats.


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