Our Telstra Business Intelligence report on Digital Marketing tells us that one in five consumers will stop considering a small business they haven’t used before if it doesn’t have a website. But 40.5% of small and medium-sized businesses don’t have one.

Here, we look at how Shine Drink has created, and continues to maintain an effective website to meet its customers’ needs.

Look professional

Your website will often give customers their first impression of your business, so it’s essential that it looks the part. There are a few easy ways to ensure your business website looks legitimate. The first is to approach your website as if you’re a first-time visitor. Look for consistency across all elements, from font to animations. Does anything feel out of place? Do your pages load quickly and correctly across a variety of mobile and desktop browsers? Cover the basics, then progress from there.

A good-quality site doesn’t need to be complex to be effective. In fact, Shine Drink made their first website with a popular site-building platform known for its DIY simplicity and beautiful designs. It was only after selling a lot of product quickly that the business moved to a platform with increased eCommerce functionality to accommodate its growth.

It’s also important to make sure your website is secure. In fact, 81% of consumers surveyed in the Digital Marketing report say they value a trustworthy site. Give your customers peace of mind by providing visibility of website security with an SSL certificate and transparency about the use of any cookies or user data.

Remember, the first version of your website is unlikely to be your last. “We’re on website version seven in three years,” Steve says. Shine Drink follow the tactic of small, regular updates. “I make content changes weekly. We’re constantly updating the website,” Steve tells us. By refreshing often, you can test and learn what works and adapt quickly with timely content. It’s an efficient tactic that can help mitigate large, time consuming updates on a less frequent basis.

Provide relevant content

When your customers first visit your site, it’s important they get a sense of your business and what you’re offering. Brand-aligned images, video and audio can help your business stand out and tell its original story.

Clarity in your messaging and website flow is key here. “Tell them what it is in three seconds, please. They need to know if the product is for them or not,” says Steve, before adding: “And limit the number of clicks between finding out about the product and buying.”

Tell them what it is in three seconds, please. They need to know if the product is for them or not.

Steve Chapman, CEO and co-founder of Shine Drink


Make sure you’re giving customers the information they’re most likely to be looking for upfront: the product and services you offer, your contact details, and any pricing or business hours. You can encourage customers to engage with a clear call-to-action in the top half of each page, like ‘call now for a free quote’. And if you have an eCommerce website, make sure it’s easy for customers to complete a purchase.

Consider user experience

It’s important to consider how customers will experience your website. 85% of respondents surveyed in the Digital Marketing report said they favour an easy-to-navigate website. So, if your site is difficult to follow, potential customers might not stick around. Think about the ways you can improve your customer experience, through clear website navigation or in-built customer support. Shine Drink’s website has clear FAQs and contact forms, making it easy for customers to reach the team at any time.

Tips for creating an effective website

  • Approach your business website as if you’re a first-time visitor. Make sure there is consistency in its function and design.
  • Show your business’s points of difference and tell your story with relevant content.
  • Update your website regularly and make sure customers can easily find key information about your business.
  • Provide self-service customer support and clear contact options so people can reach you.

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