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Live Events

Transitioning to Public Safety Mobile Broadband

11 May 2017
11am AEST
Duration - 55mins


Join Alex Stefan (Public Safety Industry Executive, Telstra), Paula Rujak (General Manager, Network Technology & Innovation, Telstra) and Kevin Noonan (Global Lead Analyst for Government, Ovum) for an online discussion of the transition issues emergency service organisations need to consider when implementing Telstra LANES for mission critical communications.

The Power of Real Time Learning: How advanced leaning analytics will transform the learning experience

24 November 2016
2pm AEST
Duration- 55mins

Join Professor Abelardo Pardo (University of Sydney), Susi Steigler-Peters (Telstra, Education) and Scott Mullens (Principal, Essendon North Primary School) for a discussion on how online education content and learning analytics can help student, teachers, parents and schools use real-time data to improve educational outcomes.

Patient-Centred Healthcare

24 November 2016
11am AEST
Duration- 55mins


Join Tanya Felton (Health Industry Executive, Telstra), Dr Norman Swan (The Health Report, Radio National) and Terry Kearney (CEO of Springfield Health and Education) to discuss how investment in Smart, Connected Health Precincts are resulting in better integration of health services between different health providers.

Find out how this will help streamline complex health services to better place the patient at the centre of service delivery.



Events OnDemand

Telstra Business Women’s Awards – Judges Briefing

The Initial Assessment for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards has begun and this is session will explain the 'how', 'why' and 'what' of the judging process.

Telstra Business Women’s Awards – Crafting a winning entry - OnDemand

Talk to the judges, alumni and Telstra Awards team to understand what constitutes a winning entry and get tips on creating one.

Winning in China - Learn how to succeed in the world's fastest growing emerging market - OnDemand

If you want to ensure your business has the capability to successfully expand into China then this virtual event is not to be missed.



Branch Data Management made easy - OnDemand

If you're looking for smart ways to store, secure and backup your data or if you have multiple branch sites, then this event is for you.

Empower your workforce for competitive advantage - OnDemand

Register now to find out how a complete, secure workforce mobility solution can give your business a competitive edge.


Telstra's Cyber Security Report 2016 - OnDemand

Register now to hear the latest organisation and industry insights from Telstra’s new Cyber Security Report 2016. This report will help you address cyber security challenges to compete and secure your business today.



Telstra Business Awards: Judges Briefing - OnDemand

If you're a Telstra Business Awards program judge, register now to learn more about the eligibility criteria, scoring and process. 

Mobile security and why you should consider Mobile Identity - OnDemand

Data breaches are at an all time high, thanks to increased mobile adoption. Learn how mobile identity is being used to reduce fraud.


Telstra Business Awards – Crafting a winning entry - OnDemand

Talk to the judges, alumni and Telstra Awards team to understand what constitutes a winning entry and get tips on creating one.


Using the nbn™ network to boost your business - OnDemand

Register for a virtual site audit, equipping you with vital information so you can see what your business needs to do to join the nbn™ network.

Navigating the Internet of Things – Australian businesses competing globally - OnDemand

Join this event to learn about the shift from product to service, and in the process gaining new, and potentially more loyal, customers.

Why you need social selling – making connections to make sales - OnDemand

Are you making the most of your social and digital channels? Register to learn how engaging with existing and potential customers can result in referrals, new sales and advocacy.


Enhancing your customer experience - technology and contact centres - OnDemand

When a customer makes contact with your business, their experience has the power to drive brand and market position. The contact centre has evolved into the critical central hub for providing customers with a seamless, intuitive and easy experience.


How to make apps work for your business - OnDemand

How do you develop a managed app strategy that gives your staff the tools they need while limiting your company risk and business process disruption?

Staying secure in a mobile future – the Internet of things - OnDemand

How do you engage with your employees so you get the most of mobility - and increased productivity - while keeping your data and information secure?



Social media marketing on LinkedIn - OnDemand

Join LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions team as we dig in to different ways to promote your business on the social platform.

Make the most of Microsoft Office 365 – tips and tricks - OnDemand

Whether you’re new to Office 365 - or want to improve your setup - this event will help you better collaborate with colleagues and be more productive no matter where you’re working.

Must-have apps to simplify business needs - OnDemand

Using too many different apps can actually drag down your businesses productivity, and put your security at risk. Also learn about how you can push the right apps to staff phones automatically.



Business and technology trends in supply chain & logistics - OnDemand

The landscape in Supply Chain & Logistics industries is forever changing with the advent of new business and technology trends. Businesses need to be adaptable to new technologies to connect to stay ahead.

The personal supply chain – how to collaborate with your customers - OnDemand

Your customers have more choice than ever before. Learn about what services you can offer to attract and retain customers—and what they’re willing to pay a premium for.


Get your business ready for the nbn™ network - OnDemand

Join this virtual event to receive a virtual site audit that will show you what is needed to get your business ready for the nbn™ network.


Five Knows of Cyber Security - OnDemand

When it comes to securing your business and protecting your customers, humans are the weakest link in your security chain. Educating your workforce can be as important as giving them the right technology. Register to learn strategies for setting your people up for success while keeping your business safe.


Marketing your business on Facebook - OnDemand


Join Facebook’s Ross Wakeham as we deep dive on B2B and B2C social media marketing strategies.

Help boost office productivity using tablets - OnDemand

If you have a mobile workforce, are thinking about replacing laptops, or simply want to get a sense of how to integrate the latest technology then join us for this Telstra Virtual Event.



Join the International Data Corporation (IDC) to discuss strategies for innovating using digital collaboration tools - OnDemand

Get tips on developing a business strategy that deals with rapid changes in technology that will give you the ability to innovate.


How cloud is changing business & enterprise IT - OnDemand

There isn’t one perfect Cloud solution that will solve every business need. And a piecemeal strategy can result in systems that don’t work well together. Join our Cloud specialists as they discuss the challenges of changing the way your business collaborates, and take away suggestions on successful strategies that you can start to implement today.


The nbn™ network & you - OnDemand

Join our experts as they give some straight talk on the nbn™ network and answer your questions - and learn about the benefits and challenges of moving to the nbn™ network from businesses that have already made the switch.



Efficient management of marketing on social media platforms - OnDemand

Join experts from Facebook and LinkedIn to learn how to best leverage social media to attract new customers, tell your company’s story, and share information about new products and services.

Cloud and shadow IT - OnDemand

This virtual event will connect you with cloud specialists and security specialists to help you realise the potential of the cloud while helping stay secure. Take away best practices and information about new technologies that help make collaborating easier than ever.


Education now - OnDemand

This virtual event will provide insights into how technology is changing the educational landscape in today’s schools and universities, by assisting in transforming physical and virtual learning environments, with innovative practices.



The war for talent - OnDemand

Learn how activity-based working can be adopted into your business to increase collaboration, encourage productivity, reduce real estate costs and foster a positive working environment.


Your social selfie – OnDemand

With increased online access to details about your organisation, your expertise and your personal history; this is impacting how buyers, vendors or customers perceive you and whether you are an organisation or person they want to deal with.


State of security with Nir Zuk – OnDemand

Register for this special Virtual Event, brought to you by Telstra, to learn Nir’s thoughts on the ever-evolving security market, threat landscape, and trends in 2015.



Top trends in retail – OnDemand

Join Gareth Jude and Paul Greenberg from the National Online Retail Association as they discuss the future of retail and ways your business can take advantage of the latest trends to help break away from the competition.


Social Media. Should you be scaling back your efforts?- OnDemand

Join our panel to gain insights on how others are using social media and whether 'reducing', 'staying put' or 'increasing' your social effort is right for you.


The changing pace of Australian Business. IoT in action.- OnDemand

This virtual event will explore the potential impacts to you and your business as we move to a connected world.