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Anywhere is just next door

Communicate with your workforce reliably even
in the most isolated parts of mainland Australia.

Remote is no longer remote

No matter where your business and workforce are located, you need to be able to communicate with them reliably and effectively.

Our satellite solutions are robust, secure and cost effective – and can easily be scaled to handle bandwidth-hungry applications.

From end-to-end remote communications networks to tailored systems and services that suit specific needs, we ensure that you can communicate Australia-wide – way off the beaten track, the back of beyond, the middle of nowhere. 

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Iterra IP Satellite


Ideal for companies with

  • Remote workforces needing to connect with business and home
  • Sites and offices located in harsh conditions
  • Widespread businesses with large and critical data transfer needs

Potential business impact

  • Provide reliable 24/7 communications
  • Improve the safety of your workforce
  • Respond quickly to new opportunities or emergencies

Satellite capacity

Enjoy highly reliable communications and high-speed connectivity, thanks to significant capacity on the Thaicom 4 satellite system.

24/7 support

Get help whenever you need it.

Online, all the time

Your satellite-enabled business is always online and available.

Additional services

We can help design and integrate VoIP applications, shape networks, plan back up communications and provide advice on remote communications.

Making all the right connections

We have points of presence in all capitals, dedicated to providing uninterrupted satellite communications through the following:

  • Satellite fixed antenna installations on permanent structures or through self-contained mobile units
  • Satellite VSAT which provide remote areas with metropolitan levels of access and support for critical applications
  • Satellite VoIP which brings high quality voice communication to areas where mobile phones or landline services can't reach
  • Telstra can provide a trailer based Satellite solution which provides temporary, flexible communications to any location including camps, mining sites, remote communities and more - designed and built in Australia to withstand even the most rugged conditions
  • Telstra Satellite marine systems which enable organisations to connect with fixed or moving offshore operations, and can cope with large amounts of sea to shore data

At the core of our Satellite IP technology is the industry-leading iDirect Intelligent Platform, enabling highly reliable, high speed data, voice and video two-way connectivity via VSAT antennas. We can seamlessly integrate it into diverse enterprise networks and offer broadband access to the internet anywhere, anytime.