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Make every customer interaction richer

Have your customer conversations and history at your fingertips

Make conversations meaningful no matter the channel

Interacting with consumers has gone way beyond traditional calls; they want to talk to businesses via email, text, social media and live chat.

To get the most out of every interaction, you need a solution that gives your customer multiple channels to ensure each conversation is richer and more valuable.

Our Integrated CRM solution achieves that by putting a customer’s transaction and call history at the agent’s finger tips.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics and hosted in the Telstra Cloud, Integrated CRM streamlines and automates the way your customer interactions are managed across all touch points.

For inbound channels, it supports scheduling, workflows, mobility, accounts, analytics and more. While outbound includes both sales and marketing functions from pipelines to multichannel campaign execution.

When it comes to social media, Integrated CRM allows you to listen, engage, collaborate, create awareness and analyse feedback.


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Help your organisation to get


Improved customer experience
Capabilities such as social media listening and monitoring, real time chat, email, SMS and fax, increase your ability to respond to customer needs.


Multichannel marketing
Customise campaigns and sales drives using data mining, segmentation and an inbuilt, self populating eDM template. And our analytics dashboards let you track progress.


Integrated functionality
We can integrate into your existing unified communications or contact centre solution including TIPT, Cisco and other PABX system.


Outsourcing options
We can manage your CRM function for you, so you reduce costs and cut overheads. Our Professional Service Desk provides real time performance monitoring, dynamic reporting, case management and more.


Potential business impact

  • Maximised infrastructure
  • Minimal business disruption
  • Reduced costs
  • Lower overheads

Ideal for companies with

  • Multi-channel interactions
  • Social media presence

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