Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

Virtual Meetings made easy

VMR can help your dispersed and remote teams to be more productive despite being located apart. The VMR product allows you to host and manage multi-party video or audio meetings using your personal VMR phone number. It’s also possible to connect from audio endpoints, video devices, phones or mobile devices within Australia and globally.

Key features

Make meetings work for you

Host multi-party video or audio meetings using a personal dial-in number on any compatible device. VMR is easy to use and simple to control.

More control via our companion app

Download the free VMR companion app to see who’s talking, lock the meeting room, and mute or remove that person who refuses to go on mute.

Secure collaboration

Share voice, video and content more securely with participants, and have the option to lock meetings or secure with password entry if needed.

VMR solution fit for your organisation

We provide you with options (Small, Medium, and Large) to cater for the number of meeting participants you need.

Manage your solution

Assign your allocated VMR numbers to end users as you wish - no need to go to us to perform this function.

Join from the office or on the go

Meeting guests have the option to join from their desk or on the road with just the VMR number.


More effective virtual meetings

Break down distance barriers among remote teams and enable them to have more productive meetings through a simple, easy-to-use solution.

Control the meeting yourself

You can choose who joins your meeting and when they get in—and with the VMR companion app, you easily get more control over your meetings.

Meet with stakeholders from different organisations

Simply provide external parties with the VMR phone number and they can join in from a compatible video device, or even just a regular phone —without the need to download apps.

Easy access

Meeting guests simply need the VMR number to join the meeting either in the office or on the go. Overseas guests may join by simply dialling the Australian number directly, or by calling one of our international dial-in numbers and then entering the dedicated phone number of the VMR.

Flexible solution

Choose from three different VMR packages based on the max number of participants you need to join a call, with the ability to change packages if needed.

Easy access to virtual meetings

Simpler and easier ways for your guests to join meetings make for a hassle-free experience. Simply send them the VMR number so they can join from almost wherever, helping you bring more people from more places in one virtual meeting.

How it works

VMR provides a video and audio bridge in the cloud. With a personal dial-in number, your people can now connect with each other and external parties that use our cloud video conferencing services. It’s an easy way to extend video collaboration to a wider business community of partners and customers. You can even connect over the internet, or use the telephone network for audio-only participants.

VMRs allow any compatible TIPT video device to join a multi-party video and audio conference by dialling the VMR number.

VMRs can support from two up to 250 participants in audio and 720p video (depending on your VMR package), including content sharing.

Users can download the VMR companion app via the Google Play or App Store to run meetings - lock meeting rooms, remove or mute participants and hold people in a waiting room until you’re ready to get started.

VMR Companion App

Download the VMR companion app to run even more productive meetings – lock meeting rooms, remove or mute participants and hold people in a waiting room until you’re ready to get started.


Why Telstra

Robust and simple to use

VMR is simple to use and straightforward, while still providing robust voice, video, and content sharing features your teams can rely on.

Unrivalled network

Combine with Telstra’s Next IP® network, to enjoy consistently high-quality meeting experiences.

Simple connections

With a unique personal number, you and your participants can simply join your meeting from any standard phone.

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