Internet Protection Offer

Things you need to know

  1. 5. All offers available on 12, 24 and 36 month Telstra Internet Protection Web and Mail contracts, except for Mail Image Control and Mail Advanced Malware Protection add-on’s, which are only available with Telstra Internet Protection – Mail.

    6. After the 30 Day Telstra Internet Protection Web and Mail free trial, if customers wish to continue with the service, customers must sign up to TIP Web and Mail (and add-ons like Advanced Mail Protection and Image Control) using the TIP application form provided by Customer Executive or the service will be automatically deactivated.

    7. Offer does not include discounts for once-off or monthly fees related to AnyConnect, SIG, Identity, O365 & LDAP Integration add-ons.

    8. Offer does not include any additional monthly discounts.

  2. Additional Information

    • Mail Image Control: This service aims to enforce your policies on non-business and offensive images being sent / received from your mailboxes 
    • Mail Advanced Malware Protection: This service aims to deliver protection from advanced persistent threats via email