Bundle services for bigger rewards

Get more value from your telecommunications services by bundling them together in a single service. Our All-4-Biz offer offers you rewards as you combine your services with us - and the more services you include, the more you can benefit through Loyalty Bonuses.

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Key Features

A single, convenient plan

The All-4-Biz plan works with all of your individual Telstra products and services, delivered in one, convenient bill. Change, add or remove services - and the value of your All-4-Biz Plan - as your business grows.

Get rewarded for bundling your services

Be rewarded for keeping more of your business with us for longer. The bigger your plan and the longer the term, the more rewards you get.

Loyalty Bonus

We offer a Loyalty Bonus to offset certain fees for equipment or services on your All-4-Biz account, including set-up, connection, installation and establishment fees. You can also use your Loyalty Bonus to pay for some one-off charges on your Telstra bill, including consulting, professional services and eligible hardware.


Get more rewards as you grow

With All-4-Biz, the more services you add, the bigger the value and benefits you get.

Tailor your service to your needs

The All-4-Biz offer is highly flexible, so you can add or remove services as your business needs change.

Offset costs with Loyalty Bonuses

We also provide a Loyalty Bonus that can be used to offset the cost of approved products or charges.

How it works

Choose your services

Identify the communications services your business needs and combine them under a single All-4-Biz account. The more eligible services you include, the higher the minimum monthly commitment you can choose – and the higher the minimum monthly commitment, the bigger the Loyalty Bonus you’re rewarded with.

Choose a minimum monthly commitment

Once you’ve specified your business needs you can choose your All-4-Biz minimum monthly commitment, ranging from $500 to $60,000 per month for a set term of between 24 and 60 months. Your Telstra Account Manager or Partner can assist you in selecting the right plan level and, if you want to know more about any of the plans, they’ll be happy to help.

Choose your contract term

Our All-4-Biz Plans are available with a minimum term of either 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. The longer the term and the bigger your monthly commitment, the higher the Loyalty Bonus you can redeem on eligible equipment and selected Telstra one-off charges. And if you commit to a four- or five-year plan, we’ll reward you with a top-up to your Loyalty Bonus at the start of the fourth year.

Choose how to spend your Loyalty Bonus

Be sure to redeem your Loyalty Bonus any time during the course of your plan for credits on purchases of eligible telecommunications equipment from Telstra, one-off charges for services on your All-4-Biz account, or to offset selected Telstra charges.


Why Telstra

Improved control

Take charge of your business services with flexible charging models under a single bill - and be rewarded as you use more services.

One partner for all your mobility needs

Make managing your IT easy with access to leading mobility tools, partners and networks, and the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals, all in one place.

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration experiences underpinned by our Next IP® network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

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Things you need to know

Not available for new service connections or service changes from 01 January 2023 and discontinued from 30 March 2023.

Your Loyalty Bonus amount is not transferable or redeemable as cash and cannot be taken as a cheque, paid to third parties or used to pay any existing service or equipment charges.

We will reduce the amount in your Loyalty Bonus account by the full GST inclusive price of the approved items redeemed by you. Once the redemption is confirmed and processed, the relevant credit will appear in your next Telstra bill for your Telstra Business All-4-Biz Plan.

You can’t use the Loyalty Bonus to pay your Minimum Monthly Commitment, charges for the services you include

on your All-4-Biz account, mobile repayment option, fixed repayment option or rental payment amounts (including Telstra Business System rental or lease payments) or for any products or equipment that aren’t used in connection with a service on your All-4-Biz account. Contact us for more details.

To use your Loyalty Bonus towards payment of approved accessories, they must be purchased with approved equipment and be on the same invoice. Any unused Loyalty Bonus expires when your plan ends. If you change to a lower plan, reduce your minimum term or your plan ends early, you may have to repay any Loyalty Bonus that you’ve used on a pro rata basis and pay an early termination charge.

For more information on terms and conditions – including intra-account voice calls, minimum monthly commitments and adding services to your All-4-Biz account – please download and review the All-4-Biz brochure.