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Download the Accelerating the Digital Economy in Australia Report

As we look towards a post-COVID or “COVID-normal” Australia, the focus must be on how we re-build our nation and our economy. This report shows just how profound accelerating digitisation can be for  Australia. The analysis conducted by PwC to inform this report indicates that increased digitisation could add up to $90 billion to the Australian economy plus create up to 250,000 new jobs by 2025.

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The Telstra Ultimate SD-WAN Guide

Whether you’re just starting to think about SD-WAN or wanting to know how to choose the right partner, we have created a comprehensive guide that could help shortcut your journey.

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Managing your cyber risk in the ‘new normal’

Cybercrime is targeting more businesses than ever during the pandemic, with new working conditions resulting in new risks to networks. How do you ensure your network and your users are better prepared for attacks?

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Learnings gained from thousands of SD-WAN deployments

SD-WAN promises a wealth of benefits but deployment is often resource-intensive. To help IT leaders get the most out of SD-WAN, we’ve detailed the important lessons learned in the transition journey.

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Six network architecture design principles to follow for SD-WAN success

If you are designing your SD-WAN solution, you want to know you have the right architecture to help you maximise the potential of your networks and enhance your business agility. And you’d want to avoid the pitfalls of poor design.

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Telstra Behind the Mic podcast

Podcast | 24 minutes

Bernard Salt on the effect of COVID-19 for Australians and their business

Listen to Bernard Salt

Podcast | 20 minutes

Hear how Mikaela Jade from Indigital is pairing ancient storytelling with the most cutting edge digital technology

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Podcast | 31 minutes

Libby Christie on the challenges and unexpected upsides for The Australian Ballet as a result of COVID-19

Listen to Libby Christie

Podcast | 24 minutes

Kamal Sarma on ways to build resilience and thriving communities through COVID-19

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Learn from real-life, early SD-WAN adopters

Are businesses which deployed SD-WAN actually happy about the end outcomes? What are some of the more popular ‘flavours’ of SD-WAN preferred by the early movers? And what are the benefits of SD-WAN that adopters really value? 

Download this comprehensive report from Omdia to get key learnings from SD-WAN adopters, insightful recommendations and new ideas to unlock more value from your network transformation.