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Understanding the private cloud

The private cloud makes sense for organisations that need high levels of control, security and governance.



The private cloud offers corporate IT systems an ideal combination of security, governance and the flexibility of dynamic public cloud infrastructure.

Mark Thurmond spent six years as head of IT security technology at vendor RSA Security before taking on the role of senior vice-president of global sales for cloud computing powerhouse VCE. Here, he explains why the private cloud offers a unique and stable transition into the cloud for large-scale corporations.

Discover how it can reduce complexity, attain agility and ensure that governance and security requirements are fulfilled.

A private cloud is all about service delivery in IT. So if you’ve got a private cloud, you have your own IT assets within your datacentre.


Mark Thurmond, Senior Vice-President of Global Sales and Field Operations, VCE

My name is Mark Thurmond, senior vice-president of global sales and field operations for VCE.

Before joining VCE in January, I ran RSA Security globally for six years. Think of what’s called the threat landscape, how complex it’s truly become. You have hacktivists, you have cyber-criminals, you have state-sponsored attacks that are extremely sophisticated.

A private cloud is all about service delivery in IT. So if you’ve got a private cloud, you have your own IT assets within your datacentre.

You might want to have better security, you might want to have better performance, there could be data services you want within your private cloud. That is why you’d create and build out a private infrastructure. Now you still want all of the great things the public cloud allows you, but you want more control in the private cloud. Then you [can] do things like … bursting out information and content into a hybrid cloud and bursting out workloads into a public cloud.

So it’s kind of a transition phase. Private, hybrid and public cloud are those big buzzwords and terms you see a lot. We are seeing the marketplace move very, very quickly from private and hybrid. It’s a dynamic that’s actually happening globally. It’s pretty amazing to see with all my travels how it’s actually being adopted.

So really, to me, it comes down to control, and I think when you look at Telstra, they do it probably better than any other organisation out there. They actually weave in different offerings from private to hybrid to public, but they also keep security and things like governance risk and compliance top of mind.

Telstra does an amazing job of really thinking through security and governance risk and compliance, which is a huge differentiator … When you look at a private cloud, again, what you want to be able to do is have control over that data and that infrastructure.

Talk to your account executive about how private cloud addresses your corporate IT requirements.