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    Get the full picture of your business processes

    Integrate business systems and processes on the cloud

    It’s important to keep track of your business operations so your company can work efficiently and respond effectively.

    However with complex operations, it can be difficult to have a full and accurate picture of what’s going on.

    Business Process eXchange is a cloud-based computing service that integrates business systems and processes across the supply chain.

    With a complete view of the supply chain and external pricing factors, you can forecast accurately.

    That means your people manage orders and coordinate shipments more efficiently which in turn trims cost and reduces financial risk.

    It exchanges real-time data, such as orders, shipping schedules, geospatial information and traffic data, without manual input. This makes your processes faster and your service to customers more efficient.

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    Help your organisation to get


    Visibility of your operations
    Business Process eXchange improves visibility of real-time business operations by tracking complex and long running transactions online through flexible workflow and business processes.


    Freed up resources
    You can increase productivity by automating the exchange of supply chain messages, thus reducing paperwork. You will eliminate the cost of dedicated resources for manual workflow handling.


    Improved customer relationships
    Connect with customers and trading partners of all sizes and types to accurately, reliably and efficiently exchange information.


    Flexible pricing
    You’ll get pricing to suit your different business needs. Charges per month will depend on the number of trading partners, the number of documents sent/received and the size of the documents (including the number of line items).


    Potential business impact

    • Increasing productivity through automation
    • Reducing admin costs
    • Enhancing customer experience

    Ideal for


    • Multiple trading partners
    • Frequent and ongoing supply chain transactions
    • Businesses in financial services, automotive and retail sectors.


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