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Next generation networks for the future of business

How will the exponential rise of data affect customer experience? How will it impact your business and bottom line? In this session, we’ll explore the macro trends you need to be aware of and how Telstra’s next gen ‘network of networks’ can help your business meet the challenges of a digitalised future.

More from Telstra Vantage™

IoT: helping you bridge the gap between hype and reality

More and more Australian businesses are using IoT as a tool to help them compete, solve business problems and identify and exploit new opportunities. But even with proven solutions becoming more readily available, it's not as simple as going from zero to automation hero.

Seizing the IoT opportunity

Discover how you can harness the potential and unlock the real value of IoT. Hear from Sean Atchinson at SCT Logistics and Mike Wassell at Sydney Water who’ve successfully embraced IoT. Understand how they overcame hurdles and see how their approach has helped pave the way for long-term IoT success.

Driving business agility with cloud

With many organisations facing challenges around managing multiple clouds and software defined networks, our customer panel of CIOs and executives from Cenitex, Woods Bagot and Bluestone will share how they've used cloud solutions to transform their business, simplify their experience and become digitally agile.

Data collaboration across industries

The rate at which data is generated and collected is accelerating exponentially, presenting a unique opportunity for businesses ready to rise to the challenge. Join our panel of customer, research and industry representatives as they explore what data collaboration means to them, the changes occurring at different levels, and how digital innovation can help you to keep up with increasing demands.

Co-creating 5G for tomorrow

Hear from Mark Vudrag from CBA, Christian Neyle from Taylor Constructions and Grant Statton from FKG who are harnessing the potential of 5G. Learn how they’re leveraging Telstra’s networks to gain a competitive advantage. Discover how Telstra is co-creating and innovating alongside these customers, and see how they’re using new devices that leverage 4G today and have a pathway to 5G.

The Evolutionary Workplace - On your terms

The way we interact with information and each other is changing. Fast-evolving technologies are changing the nature of work, the dynamics of the workforce and the notion of the workplace. Organisations must transform in order to embrace the opportunities – but how? Join us as we explore what it takes to establish an evolutionary workplace with the capability to best connect people and information.

Telstra and nbn™ delivering in an SD-WAN world

Cloud adoption and digital transformation are placing unprecedented demands on enterprise networks. In addition, time to market is becoming even more critical as businesses compete to get their digital innovations in front of consumers first. This need for speed and agility requires a more fluid approach from IT. Learn how Telstra and nbn™ can drive business growth through hybrid WAN and SD-WAN solutions.

How 5G can foster transformation

What does it take to deliver large-scale, transformative innovation in an age of disruption and digitisation? Discover how the convergence of maturing technologies – like software-defined networking, IoT, cloud computing and more – can be accelerated with 5G. Hear about some of the most exciting ways 5G will unlock new market opportunities across different industries. And learn about the enterprise use cases being explored around the world.

Network automation as a competitive advantage

Network automation isn’t just supercharging productivity – it’s enabling capabilities that weren’t previously possible. Discover how we build business-first automation across organisations, and how we can help you create a solution to realise your vision.

Connected vehicles: full speed ahead

A connected and automated future – where road fatalities and journey times are significantly reduced, and customers have access to seamless, affordable, flexible and personalised journeys – is now a tangible possibility. Join our panel, as we discuss how connected vehicle technology is driving cost savings, productivity gains and making the road a safer place for everyone.

2020 vision: the CISO's perspective

In the age of 5G and IoT, what is the best way to make sure both you and your organisation remain secure? This informal Q & A brings together Telstra’s CISO and Telstra Enterprise’s Principal Cyber Security Strategist to answer your questions about security, and how Telstra is looking to address challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Am I secure? Balancing agility with security

Securing information requires visibility well beyond traditional endpoint and network perimeters, as well as prevention measures that don’t get in the way of innovation and productivity. Learn how technology can help your organisation to stay agile without compromising information security.

Your Gateway into Asia

Asia isn’t just a vital market for many Australian businesses, it’s also a launch pad to the rest of the world. See how we’re helping customers make the most of these opportunities, through our people, technology and partnerships. Understand how our local network can help you supercharge your organisation’s digital transformation and how our global network can help your business reach new markets.

Telstra Purple: bringing purpose to technology

As Australia’s largest technology services organisation, Telstra Purple believe it’s people that give purpose to technology. Join us as we demonstrate how we help our customers create purposeful technology solutions, and how working with us can help accelerate your digital transformation.

Exclusive Peak Performance Panel

Get under the skin of performance and what it takes to maintain it from this star-studded panel. You’ll get valuable insights from speakers who know what it’s like to be at the top of their game.

Winning the customer mindshare

How are different organisations delivering extraordinary business outcomes for their customers? Our panel of CIOs and Execs will provide their perspective on current shifts in customer expectations. Some of the areas they’ll cover include: direct vs. indirect customer engagement models, designing for future business environments, static performance vs. innovative, adaptive performance, and the positive power of people in winning the customer mindshare.

Shaping tomorrow, together – tomorrow's leaders embracing technology for change

Draw inspiration and gain a new perspective on how to transform problems into opportunities. A special panel will adjudicate as groups of students pitch their technology based solutions to a problem in their community. Each team has been briefed on the design-thinking process and how to ideate, develop, validate and prototype their solutions. Don’t miss this entertaining, thought-provoking session.