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Hyper-competition has become a key feature of an increasingly global and digital economy. Enterprises in almost every single industry are being disrupted – with many experiencing significant impact on their legacy business.

This is the result of a permanent shift in consumer behavior and consumption patterns, brought on by the onslaught of digital services.

Speed has become the new competitive differentiator – ranging from innovation, speed to market and executing critical decisions. This requires a permanent organisational shift in the way employees work and collaborate.

Ovum attest enterprise approaches to innovation that deliver sustainable product and service differentiation will require mobile and global employees to make intelligent decisions in almost real time. 

Key Findings In This Report

Key themes from a recent Telstra/Ovum Asia-Pacific survey of Australian enterprises:

  • Improving and maintaining profit margins.This was the top rated business challenge for 32% of respondents. This is a reflection of the new market dynamics – a highly competitive market being disrupted, placing huge pressure on pricing and margins.
  • Product and service differentiation. Differentiation is increasingly critical and this is driving enterprises to adopt a “rapid innovation” mantra – especially in a region where it has become a strategic focus for global MNCs as a source of future growth and investments.
  •  The theme of customer centricity continues to gain traction. Once again  reflecting  highly competitive environment. The ability to respond to customers better is drawing an increased share of technology investments to drive loyalty and personalise campaigns and outreach.

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