Don’t let cyber
threats mine your

Mining technology is rapidly advancing and
will increasingly rely on secure data and
services to prevent disruption and drive

Technology is driving the most significant change in the mining industry since the introduction of modern industrial equipment. Mining is now a data-driven industry with increased reliance on interconnected technology within mining operations and the adoption of cloud-based services. Ensuring the security of operations data is paramount in preventing disruption to the business and providing a platform for innovation.

To help your business prepare for this future, Telstra industry experts can provision and manage ruggerdised and remotely controlled operational equipment and the network mix needed to connect these from pit to port. Our approach is vendor and device agnostic, helping you to reduce complexity through scalability and lower costs through outsourcing management capability, so you can focus on your core business. 

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Applying the latest security research

Like most industries, mining must approach cyber security as a whole-of-business risk and not just an IT risk.

According to the Telstra Cyber Security Report 2016, organisations are handling an escalating number of security threats, strategies for responding to an attack are becoming as important as preventing them and mining companies must focus on protecting critical assets to maintain business continuity and minimise potential damage.

To learn more about cyber security trends download the full report.

Drones, sensors and switches go remote

Some of the smartest innovations in heavy industry are those that meet the demands for improvements in safety and productivity. Although automation can improve both safety and productivity, it can bring about labour force challenges as well as hefty implementation costs before any payoff.

The rise of cloud computing and the Internet of Things has seen rapid innovation in data gathering devices employed for heavy industry, particularly in the mining sector. This new breed of data gathering devices is helping to improve safety, often across work sites that operate in harsh and remote locations.