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The what, when and how of transforming
government services. Comprehensive new research
into the changing expectations of citizens and
innovation insights from industry leaders.

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For government agencies and departments, the digital age is a catalyst for change – opening new pathways for delivering the services and citizen experiences of tomorrow, while building a more open and collaborative government for all.

Explore highlights from the latest research; hear about future trends and the transformation being predicted by industry experts; and watch case studies on government teams putting innovation and technology into action.

For the past five years, Telstra has been undertaking the most comprehensive research ever carried out into the Australian public’s interactions with state and federal public sector organisations. The research investigates the public’s perceptions of government services, as well as their expectations for future delivery.

Download the Connected Government whitepaper that highlights key imperatives and learnings taken from this initiative, plus some innovative ideas to bring the Connected Government to life.

Key findings in this whitepaper

From the research, it is clear that while the current system of service delivery meets most public expectations today, major reform will be required to address some key areas of concern and the challenges presented by a fast-evolving service landscape. 

Enabling engagement with your mobility and collaboration roadmap:


The what, when and how of using government services 

Australians have largely embraced digital services, and would prefer more online services in the future.


Industry leaders share expectations for the future

 Digital government services are viewed as convenient, cost-effective and the ‘way of the future’, although concerns remain over privacy and security of information.


Innovative models transforming service delivery

Putting users at heart of a multi-sector delivery framework will address many of the challenges faced by the current system, position government as an exemplar of the innovation economy, help drive a better relationship with the public, and deliver real efficiency and productivity gains. 


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The digital dilemma: what’s holding government back?

Interviews with forty of Australian’s top public servants highlight seven critical dilemmas relating to digital transformation and innovation.


Citizen perspectives of government service delivery: research results

A quantitative research initiative that provides comprehensive insight into current experiences and future expectations.

Read the fascinating results

No boundaries: creating a connected learning environment 

Tasmania's Department of Education has worked on connecting all students through Managed Wi-Fi.

See how virtual learning is being brought to life for all students in Tasmania. 

Technology-enabled learning opens new frontiers in education

The Tasmanian Department of Education has built a virtual learning environment that connects their 200 schools, providing learning resources across 55,000 classroom devices and 20,000 student-owned devices.

See how technology is changing learning for students and educators.

Queensland Police: improving safety and productivity in policing

Every day the Queensland Police Service works tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the community they serve. Now equipped with handheld mobile devices that provide unprecedented computing power, front line officers can be actively mobile throughout a shift, virtually anywhere in the state where they can get connectivity.

See how technology is changing front line policing.

Casey Cardinia Library: Wi-Fi, books and much more  

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation provides a network of public libraries throughout South East Melbourne, servicing around 380,000 people. While Wi-Fi had been in place for quite a few years, it became clear that they needed a more technologically advanced solution. Telstra Managed Wi-Fi Cloud brought stability to the service, as well as speed, and made it very easy for staff and library members to use. Rich usage data and statistics now allow management to monitor performance and bandwidth requirements.

See how the new Wi-Fi solution is benefiting an entire community. 

WA Government: connecting remote communities 

The Western Australia State Government was looking to improve mobile communications and, in turn, the business, health, safety and education opportunities for people in rural areas. Specifically, they wanted to extend terrestrial mobile coverage to enable the equitable and efficient delivery of Government, health and education services to remote and regional communities. Bringing digital connectivity to some of these very remote areas means that townships now can access the internet, make phone calls, and do things that many other parts of the country take for granted.

See how mobile connectivity is transforming life for people in remote areas of Western Australia.

Connecting for a good cause through mobile technology 

Conservation Volunteers recruits volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world to join important environmental and wildlife conservation projects. CVA was looking for ways to induct new people, collect data in the field and distribute information in a way that was highly efficient and scalable. Of course, being a conservation organisation, they were also concerned about their paper usage and impact on the environment. More than anything, though, they wanted to be able to conduct their activities on the go. The new mobility solution from Telstra, using apps like ARISapp and CANVAS, has transformed the way they work.

Discover how a new mobile solution is streamlining field operations for conservation volunteers.

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