Telstra Education Blueprint

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A holistic platform for innovative learning, performance analysis and smart collaboration.

The Telstra Education Blueprint can connect everyone across your institution via a high-speed IP WAN. The result is a holistic environment that equips students, teachers and staff with mobile collaboration tools, software and services. Institution-wide information can be aggregated and analysed to identify inefficiencies and benchmark outcomes against national standards. And Telstra education experts can work with you to identify innovation opportunities and develop a roadmap to a more connected, automated and collaborative future.

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Bring Your Own Device

Schools, TAFEs, universities and educational agencies face significant challenges as they move toward a bring-your-own device (BYOD) environment. Fortunately, our proven enterprise-grade managed services help with issues of both access and security.

Safe, equitable access

As well as creating a virtual desktop that provides a consistent and familiar environment across a range of devices. Telstra can update student and staff devices centrally, provide secure access to network applications and resources and wipe them remotely if they go missing.


Web, Video & Audio Conferencing

The classroom is no longer limited to just four walls - and neither is the staffroom or the principal's office. Telstra's comprehensive portfolio of conferencing solutions includes everything from collaborative desktop video conferencing to immersive high-definition environments.

Greater access for teachers and students

Web conferencing makes it easy to deliver key classes to a wider online audience, supporting the need for more flexible teaching and remote learning access. At the same time, video conferencing lets you deliver professional development to every teacher, helping them stay up to date with curriculum developments and new best practice.


Universal Messaging

Telstra Integrated Messaging can help you notify students, teachers, staff and parents in a pre-defined area, with automated calling and SMS messages to pre-registered mobiles, making it easy to communicate quickly and effectively.

Getting the word out

SMS and messaging can be used to broadcast schedules, assignments and changes to timetables, saving time and reducing confusion. Parents can be automatically notified if their child is absent from school, so truancy can be investigated early, helping reduce drop-out rates. Equally, good news about learning performance can be delivered in an instant.


Unified Communications, Email & IP Telephony

With click-to-call, one number for voice and one mailbox for email and voicemail, it's much simpler for teachers to stay connected and collaborate from more places, and make maximum use of the time between classes to craft lesson plans, assess work and perform administrative tasks. Telstra unified communications also enable personalised learning by offering new ways for teachers to interact one-on-one with students.

Improve collaboration

Voice, video, SMS, MMS, instant messenger, fax and email are integrated in a seamless communication environment, helping to make your decision-making process faster and easier.


E-Learning Platforms

Web portals are an ideal tool for connecting teachers, administration staff, students and even the wider community to resources and information. A safe, secure online web portal lets students upload photos, videos, documents, blogs and wikis - and download approved mobile apps and teacher podcasts to study and revise. They can blog, chat and use social networking tools intuitively, which are shown to increase levels of relevance and engagement.

Get smart

With smartphones at the centre of many students' worlds, educational institutions have the opportunity to turn them into a powerful and engaging tool to inspire learning. Smart mobile apps extend e-learning platforms, helping drive literacy and numeracy improvements by being accessible, convenient and fun.


Content Management Services

Telstra CMS enable greater interaction between students, teachers, and their parents, as well as improve student outcomes by enabling educators to collaboratively develop and manage learning content that can be shared between classrooms.

Unleash 21st century learning

Provide intelligent content management and automated workflow with Telstra CMS to help you easily manage large volumes of data, images, video and more, then access it in real time across multiple platforms and applications.


Mobile Access

Telstra works with a large number of mobile application providers to design and deliver learning apps which function on a range of devices and are optimised for use on our Next G® network - enabling students to learn anywhere, on the platforms and devices they feel most comfortable with.

The right apps for learning

For both teachers and students, we can provide access to specific teaching and learning materials in many places. We can also extend connectivity solutions that amplify learning - such as email and apps - on a wide range of mobile devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets.


Machine-to-Machine Communications

Together with our M2M partners, we can help you develop solutions that keep your institution safe and running smoothly. Swipe cards can give students and teachers access to everything from books to sporting equipment to secure areas, automatically updating who's had access and when. You can automate public address broadcasts when sensors detect fires and other emergencies, and even maintain temperature control in laboratories and the school canteen.

The automated school

Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre delivers on-demand, online access to some of the core network elements that you need to bring wireless M2M (telemetry) into your educational institution. It also helps automate wireless M2M service deployments and provides real-time diagnostic support tools and real-time usage reporting.