Discover Telstra Air

What you need to know about Telstra Air, getting more from your home broadband data at Telstra Air hotspots, and using Fon Spots overseas. 

The Telstra Air Network

Accessing your Telstra home broadband allowance at Telstra Air Hotspots and Fon Spots, getting connected while you’re out and about and our online security tips.

Join Telstra Air

All about how to join Telstra Air - you'll need an eligible Telstra home broadband service and a compatible gateway.


Get the Telstra Air App

Telstra Air app

Once you've become a member, download our app so you'll be able to automatically connect to your nearest Telstra Air hotspot in Australia or Fon Spot overseas. 

For iOS and Android Wi-Fi enabled devices only. 


Meet Fon

Thinking about your next destination?

When you join Telstra Air, you’ll be able to take your Telstra home broadband allowance with you to over 15 million Fon Spots overseas.

Things you need to know

Eligible Telstra home broadband service and compatible gateway required. 

All Telstra Air usage will count toward your home broadband allowance, including usage that is unmetered when accessed at home.