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What is mobile broadband?

These days, nearly all of us have data on our mobile phones. But you may not want to burn through your smartphone’s data or battery while tethering to your laptop, tablet or another Wi-Fi enabled device.

This is where mobile broadband comes in. It uses a small USB modem to create a dedicated hotspot that provides a strong and consistent connection over Australia’s best mobile network.

It’ll help save your smartphone’s data and battery for other things, while you use mobile broadband to send files, stream videos, or connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices – at home or on the go.


Who is mobile broadband for?

The home

  • An alternative internet solution when home broadband is unavailable or slow
  • Connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • No professional setup needed – get online in minutes
  • Connect smart watches and wearables

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  • Keep the kids entertained with gaming and video streaming
  • Share a single connection with the entire family using Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Access the internet whether you’re in the lounge room or in your backyard with a portable mobile hotspot
  • Connect smart watches, wearables, or even smart collars for pets
  • Connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices for family holidays

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  • Increase productivity with fast speeds for emailing, file sharing, and downloading
  • Share connections with laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Share media or files without worrying about unsecured public Wi-Fi
  • Immediate access to information to close that deal

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Renters and students

  • Instant high-speed connectivity for short-term or temporary living arrangements
  • Connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices with a mobile hotspot  
  • No wired installation –take it with you whenever you decide to move

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  • Browse, stream, and play – while on public transport or sitting at a cafe
  • Perfect for camping or cabins in rural locations with mobile coverage
  • Share a single connection for use with Wi-Fi enabled devices when travelling in a group
  • Leave the laptop at home and pack a tablet with its own internet connection

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Small businesses

  • Perfect for pop-up shop or mobile business solutions
  • Hotspots can be used as a standard or backup wireless router when used with a wired Ethernet connection
  • Have back-up internet connection for mission-critical times
  • Dedicated connections for your business devices that need data (vehicle trackers, system monitors, and more)  

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How to get mobile broadband

More data for less on a plan.

Buy data only when you need it.

Really big data for the home.

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