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  • One of the first monitoring cameras that can be used on a mobile network and operate completely wire-free. It's also weather resistant (IP65 dust and water resistance rating) and records in HD quality.
  • No professional installation required. Sets up in moments in many places.
  • Listen in and talk back through the built-in speaker and microphone straight from your smartphone.
  • Get alerts on your phone when the NETGEAR Arlo Go LTE Camera senses motion/audio.
  • Average data use less than 1GB of data per month (based on 5 mins of recording per day).
  • Operates on the Telstra Mobile Network – Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network with a compatible smartphone, the NETGEAR app/interface and an eligible mobile broadband plan.

Starting from

$30 per month
1gb data
Talk Time

Min cost is 720 after DPD
on a 24 month contract.

Available now

Free delivery


Do I need a new data SIM for every Arlo Go LTE Camera that I wish to purchase?

Yes, every camera requires a data SIM to provide the cameras the ability to wirelessly stream and connect with a compatible phone or tablet to be controlled. 

Is excess data charge capped? 

No, $10/1GB (block charging) excess data charge doesn’t have a cap and there is no limit on how many $10/1GB charges that can be applied to the service during one billing cycle. 

If I have multiple Arlo Go LTE cameras set up around my home and they all go into excess at exactly the same time, will the Shared mobile account be charged 4 charges of $10 each?

No. Only one $10/1GB charge will be added to the account.

Is the Arlo Go compatible with the Telstra Smart Home® and App? 

No, at this stage the Arlo Go will only be compatible with the Arlo App. The Arlo Go also uses a mobile connection, not Wi-Fi so it is not currently compatible with Telstra Smart Home®.

Is there any difference between the plans offered with the Arlo Go LTE Camera and the existing Go Mobile Data Plus Plans? 

No, the Arlo Go LTE Camera uses the existing Go Mobile Data Plus Plan plans. 

Can I download the Arlo App on either an Android or an iOS device?

Yes, it is available on the App Store and Google Play.

What happens when my shared plan contracts expire?

Even if your contract expires and you are out of contract, the inclusions will not change and you can keep on sharing data allowance with other eligible services until you recontract or the plan is cancelled. 

However if you were receiving monthly recurring credit (e.g. device credit or bonus as part of MRO) this will be discontinued once the plan contract expires. 

Can I share the data across my SIMs and handheld/mobile broadband plans? 

Yes, data can be shared across the SIMs and other eligible data share services on the same account.  

Is my Arlo login separate to my Telstra customer and account details?

Yes, the Arlo app can be setup using any email address to set up an account. 

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