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Big Data Bundle

Loads of Gigglebytes.

Get 1000GB for $90/mth

Min cost $2,249 over 24 mths

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Our plans include

3 Home Broadband Data Top Ups

Get your monthly data allowance topped up for free, three times a year if you exceed your monthly data allowance.

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nbnnetwork  compatible

Ready for super fast internet.

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Telstra Air®

Customers with eligible plans enjoy access to Free Wi-Fi data at over 1,000,000 Telstra Air hotspots in Australia and at millions of Fon spots overseas.

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Telstra Broadband Protect

Help keep your family safe online on any device connected to your Telstra home broadband service.

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Online only offer


Was $95
$80per month
For 24 months
See more Min cost $2177
Min cost is $2483 on a 24-month plan if you self-install:
  • $80 x 24 months monthly min charge
  • $89 activation fee
  • $168 for a self-install Home Network Gateway
Good for families that watch videos online or download lots


Peace of Mind Commitment Top up your home broadband for free three times a year when you go over your data limit. 

Enhance your broadband

Telstra Platinum

Need tech help? Get 24x7 support for your gadgets, computers and the internet over the phone, online or instore.

Telstra Broadband Protect

Help protect every device connected to your Telstra home broadband service.

Broadband Extras

Maximise your home broadband eperience with our range of extras, including Wi-Fi Gateways & Range Extenders.

Reliable in-home coverage

Purchase one of our gateways or Wi-Fi range extenders to suit your needs.

Our home broadband gateways enable you to:

  • Share your broadband internet connection with multiple devices.
  • Work virtually anywhere around a typical house with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Include four ethernet ports for wired connections.

More about Telstra Cable Gateway Max™

Telstra Cable Gateway Max

Telstra Cable Gateway Max™
World's first AC Cable Gateway

I like my fast, reliable cable broadband in a convenient bundle.


I can be anywhere in the house and be connected to the internet.


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