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Telstra Broadband Assistant

Telstra Broadband Assistant

Keep your ADSL in top shape with Telstra Broadband Assistant. It's free, and once downloaded runs in the background 24x7 to help keep your connection running smoothly, so you can enjoy a trouble free internet experience.

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Static IP

Connect and roam

With a Static IP, your computer is assigned the same IP address every time you connect. It’s easy to switch onto, and a constant, fixed IP location means you can run a server, host a domain, get a VPN, plus much more.  

Static IP


Extras emails

With your new BigPond Broadband Service, you'll enjoy access to For the best experience and for managing your email access now using your browser.

You can create up to 14 additional mailboxes over and above your primary user name.

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Premium Support

Premium support

You already know we can help you with your Telstra products, but did you know we also offer the same trusted expertise for a range of different technologies? We call it Telstra Platinum. It's like having your own local IT expert.


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