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Telstra Troubleshooting Tool

Telstra Broadband Assistant

Need technical help with your Telstra Home Broadband service? The Telstra Troubleshooting Tool offers instant, step-by-step support for common Wi-Fi and broadband connection issues. It will let you know what to do once it’s tested your connection.

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Static IP

Connect and roam

With a Static IP, your computer is assigned the same IP address every time you connect. It’s easy to switch onto, and a constant, fixed IP location means you can run a server, host a domain, get a VPN, plus much more.  

Static IP

Telstra MailTM

Extras emails

With your new Broadband Service, you'll enjoy access to Telstra Mail. For the best experience and for managing your email access now using your browser.


Telstra MailTM

Premium Support

Premium support

You already know we can help you with your Telstra products, but did you know we also offer the same trusted expertise for a range of different technologies? We call it Telstra Platinum. It's like having your own local IT expert.


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Wi-Fi Modems & Boosters

Our network modems mean you can connect your computers, tablets, phones and other devices in even more places around your home.

Whatever your needs, from ADSL and cable to network extenders that take advantage of your electrical outlets, we have the solution.

At a glance:

  • Install a convenient modem, router and Wi-Fi access point all in the one place
  • Suitable for most wireless devices – compliant with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, DLNA and Gigabyte Ethernet and more
  • Expand your Connected Home with Wi-Fi network extenders

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Safeguard your devices and your family

Telstra Broadband Protect gives you safer home internet by automatically protecting you on every device from known online threats. Install Anti-Virus Plus Security on your devices for extra protection from viruses and other threats, at no extra cost.

Enjoy peace of mind with included parental controls like Homework Time, which allows you to restrict access to social networks and gaming during study time.

Telstra Broadband Protect