Update 30 Nov (AM): Telstra Exchange Fire In Warrnambool

Media Release, 30 November 2012

This is the latest update on Telstra’s efforts to restore communication services in south-western Victoria following last Thursday’s fire that partially destroyed Telstra’s Warrnambool exchange and impacted customer landline, broadband, mobile and radio services across the region. 

Technicians have continued working around the clock to restore landline and internet services and have made significant progress.

Landline services are now restored to 58,342 customers. The latest towns to be connected overnight include:

Camperdown Dorodong Bringalbert Harrow Wombelando
Langkoop Willatook Yambuk Barnxholme Digby
Tahara Caramut Ecklin Gorae West Glenthomp
Hexham Ellerslie Mumbannar Broadwater Greenwald
Jancourt Minhamite Killarney Woodhouse Minjah
Benayeo Douglas Warrong Dundonnel Woorndoo


Technicians have also restored Internet services to 39 per cent of customers with the latest towns to have some customers back online including Portland, Hamilton, Port Campbell, Bridgewater and Vasey.

Mobile phone coverage has been restored for all customers throughout the region for both voice and data services.

A team of more than 50 technicians are on site carrying out repairs, working across two 12 hour shifts to get services restored as quickly as possible.

The focus today for technicians will continue to be restoring landline and internet services.

For an insight as to what the technicians have been experiencing, Kevin Sadler has shared his experiences this blog. Kevin has worked at Telstra for 38 years and tells a very human story to this incident.

We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers. We are doing everything we can to get them connected as soon as possible.