Tis the season to be online

Media Release, 23 December 2015

Telstra predicts record traffic on its network on Christmas Day

  • 855,000 GB of downloaded data
  • 58 million text messages
  • 35 million calls from mobiles
  • 600,000 calls overseas from fixed lines and mobiles

Australians are expected to double the amount of photos and videos shared on social media this Christmas with Telstra predicting almost 900,000 GB of data to be downloaded on Christmas Day, twice the amount of the same time last year.

Telstra’s Director for Wireless Network Engineering, Channa Seneviratne, said social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have made it easier for Australians of all ages to share Christmas with loved ones near and far.

“The explosion in mobile usage and the increasing access to high-speed 4G technology have created more ways for people to connect during the holidays.”

“The amount of data we predict to be downloaded is the equivalent of 800,000 hours of HD video in one day, which is a fair load for the network to carry,” said Channa.

Telstra personal mobile customers on eligible pre-paid and post-paid plans who are out and about on Christmas Day are encouraged to sign up to Telstra Air to enjoy unlimited free data hotspots on the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network. Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots are available in thousands of neighbourhoods across Australia, including more than 100 coastal towns and retreats from Broome to Byron Bay.

Other predictions for the Christmas period:

  • Most data is expected to be used between 9am and 9pm on Christmas Day
  • Phone calls from mobiles are expected to increase by 10% compared to last year with an estimated 35 million calls expected to be made around the country to friends and loved ones
  • SMS messages expected to remain popular, with a record 58 million messages expected to be sent on Christmas Day
  • As Christmas Day is usually the biggest day of the year for international calls, Telstra expects more than 600,000 calls to be made from fixed and mobile phones
  • New Zealand, the UK and the USA are the most popular international call destinations

Callers should also check international area codes and telephone numbers beforehand as protocols can change throughout the year.