There's a (business) app for that

Media Release, 18 June 2013

Businesses embracing smartphones and tablets can now use a new range of business apps to help simplify work, boost productivity and enhance working on the move.

Telstra Mobile Business Apps take traditional business tools, such as desktop software for customer management and even pen and paper forms, and transforms them to easy-to-use applications that are available on smartphones and tablets.

Will Irving, Group Managing Director of Telstra Business, said Mobile Business Apps would give businesses greater flexibility, enabling them to spend more time on their core business and less time on administration tasks.

"Many consumers have embraced the power of apps to make their lives easier - especially while on the move.  For most people they have been more about personal life than work or their business. With the power of the latest smartphones and 4G mobility there is now real scope for businesses of all sizes to make much more use of apps to make doing business easier and free up valuable time,"  Mr Irving said.

"Our research shows that many businesses work up to 20 hours per week away from their premises but are limited due to poor access to technology 1."

"We think this is a solution to that problem. With the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to provide dedicated business apps that can streamline customer or staff interactions."

Telstra has partnered with three business app providers, Digitalinc (maker of ARISapp), Canvas and GeoOP, which enable smart business processes from compatible smartphones and tablets, ideal for mobile, field workers, tradespeople and salespeople.

The apps are available on a month-to-month subscription basis through Telstra’s popular T-Suite offering, enabling businesses to manage their mobile requirements through a single service with easy billing and provisioning.

"We are seeing strong demand from businesses taking up our T-Suite products, as it provides easy access and management for customers’ technology needs, and puts critical business information at their finger tips," says Irving.

For subscribers’ first orders, the apps (up to 499 licences for Canvas and 399 licences for ARISapp) are available for 30 days at no charge. Additional Mobile Business Apps will continue to be added to T-Suite over the coming years.

Mobile Business Apps now available through T-Suite include:

ARISapp enables businesses to provide access to specific content and tools to their employees on their compatible Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS 5.0+). With ARISapp, businesses can communicate with their team members, distribute content and training materials, collect and share data in the field, set goals and rewards - all in real time. The ability to inform, train, motivate and monitor mobile staff can significantly improve sales and service. ARISapp is available at $25 per user per month.

Canvas is an app that replaces paper forms with digital ones on compatible devices. It helps customers avoid costly, time-consuming paper-based processes and the hassles of illegible handwriting or lost forms. Customers can also add electronic signatures, GPS location, photographs and more to create a multi-featured tool to improve the productivity of their mobile staff. Canvas works on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows/Mac Desktop and is available at $20 per user per month.

GeoOP is a mobile workforce management application, compatible on iOS, Android mobile or tablet devices. Its’ simple processes help to reduce paperwork and can also help to increase productivity for many service-based businesses, from trade to healthcare. Administrators and mobile workers can create and dispatch, schedule, complete and invoice jobs. Workers can update the status of the job, attach photos and customer signatures, import parts lists and more. GeoOP is available for $20 per user per month for mobile workers with a compatible device.

1 Telstra’s Out Of Office Nations Research of 1000 Australian Small Business Owners, March 2013