Telstra Wins Contract to Supply key WA Government Agencies with Mobile Radio Services

Media Release, 07 January 2014

Western Power, Alinta Gas, the WA Water Authority and Westrail have announced their decision to award Telstra Corporation Limited with a multimillion dollar, six year contract to supply the agencies with a joint mobile radio service.

The agencies have combined their mobile communications networks and will use the sophisticated Telstra Fleetcoms™ service to operate independently and share common infrastructure when appropriate.

Over 2,000 mobile terminals will be connected to the new system during 1996 and Telstra's service will be tailored to meet the stringent coverage and quality requirements of the agencies.

According to Paul Taplin, Chairman of the Joint Agencies Steering Committee, the decision to outsource the supply of an advanced mobile radio service such as Telstra Fleetcoms stems from the increased efficiency and savings that will be generated by the move.

"The four agencies began assessing the value of a joint network over two years ago, and the proven performance of Telstra's service in other states was a good indication of successful outsourcing.

"Telstra's Fleetcoms will replace our individual mobile radio systems and allow each agency to capitalise on the introduction of new advanced two-way mobile radio technology, particularly the data transfer capability.

"In emergency situations, for example during the storm season when communications can be severely overloaded, we will be able to streamline voice and data communications for the benefit of our customers."

Western Power, Alinta Gas, the WA Water Authority and Westrail will be developing job dispatching programs to run over the Telstra Fleetcoms network, allowing repair teams to start in the field and receive and respond to new jobs more efficiently, virtually eliminating the need to return to base.

Mr David Brooks, Marketing Manager for Telstra Fleetcoms, explains that Telstra will be investing heavily in the project to ensure that the service meets the agencies' special requirements and provides a coverage footprint of approximately 9000 square kilometres.

"Extending from north of Gin Gin, south to Mandurah and east to the hills, the agencies' radio service will also have coverage on the Westrail reserve up the Avon Valley to Northam."

Mr Brooks adds that Telstra Fleetcoms will provide total coverage for the four agencies, with one mobile radio communication system that supports voice, short text messaging and data applications, such as job dispatch, vehicle tracking, fleet management and telemetry across its whole area of operations.

"The network also links into other communications networks, including direct connection of all mobile users to their own internal PABX network and, where required, to public telephone subscribers, including mobile phone users.

"As each agency's fleet of mobile radios comes on line, staff will have access to all the advanced features of Telstra Fleetcoms."

Telstra Fleetcoms was officially launched in Western Australia in August, signalling a significant investment in advanced communications for the corporate and government sectors.

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