Media Release, 27 February 2012

Telstra today announced new bundle plans with bigger data allowances for some of its most popular internet bundles.

Chief Customer Officer, Gordon Ballantyne said the new bundles recognised that many homes today have a range of new internet-enabled devices such as the T-Box®, T-Hub®, smart phones and tablets. These and other devices provide access to movie downloads, on-demand content and sophisticated websites performing best with greater speed and data allowances.

“We designed the new bundles to allow people to use their devices with confidence, knowing they have data allowances that meet their needs.  

“The new bundles also include unlimited national voice calls made between the home phone and up to four mobile services on the customer’s single bill, as well as unlimited local calls for most of the bundles. These bundles partner the home phone up with Australia’s best mobile network – it’s a winning combination.”

The new offers go on sale tomorrow and for the first time will be available to residential customers in National Broadband Network-enabled areas.

Residents in NBN first release sites in Armidale, Kiama Downs, Townsville, Brunswick and Willunga who can access the NBN and those moving into NBN enabled new estates, can take up Telstra’s broadband services on the NBN offering download line speeds into the home of up to 25Mbps or up to 100Mbps* depending on the customer’s chosen plan.

Mr Ballantyne said “As Australia’s leading full-service provider, Telstra is uniquely positioned with its popular bundles, improved customer service and more than a century’s experience connecting Australians to support customers as they move into this fibre future.

“Over the past six months more than 500 customers have trialed Telstra services over the NBN and we’ve learnt a great deal about what they need from us to make the move to the new network a smooth one.

“We’ve set up a dedicated call centre to manage customer enquiries and developed comprehensive information packages for customers, available online and at our local Telstra stores and dealers.”

Mr Ballantyne said Telstra’s call centre, store and technical staff had been specially trained to make the transition as easy and hassle-free as possible for customers.

“Five thousand Telstra technicians nationally are poised to connect customers to the new service and local technicians say they won’t leave customers until their devices are up and running.

“To help prepare for this fibre future, Telstra has been investing heavily in improving customer service, introducing 24/7 call centres, simplifying its bill format and introducing weekend tech appointments and after sales services.

“Customers can also expect to see an expanding range of innovative new services and products being offered by Telstra on the NBN, all supported by our Telstra technicians located in communities across the country,” Mr Ballantyne said. 

For Telstra customers on the NBN, the new bundles on a single bill include home phone and broadband access with free standard professional install and a Wi-Fi modem:

Price per month for 24 months

Monthly data allowance

Download line speeds in to the home

Calls included



Up to 25 Mbps*

Unlimited local calls



Up to 25 Mbps*




Up to 100 Mbps*

Unlimited local calls and calls to Telstra Mobiles



Up to 100 Mbps*

Unlimited local and STD calls, and unlimited calls to Telstra mobiles



Up to 100 Mbps*

Unlimited local and STD calls, and unlimited calls to Australian Mobiles

Minimum cost for $80 Bundle is $1,920, for $90 Bundle is $2,160, for $100 Bundle is $2,400, for $130 Bundle is $3,120, for $150 Bundle is $3,600, plus usage.

The fixed broadband plans below are also available on the NBN for customers who also have a full service Telstra home phone plan. For an extra $10 per month customers can move to the higher speed plan (which offers download line speeds in to the home of up to 100Mbps*):

Price per month
for 24 months

Monthly data allowance

Download line speeds in to the home



Up to 25 Mbps*





Minimum cost for $49.95 plan is $2,314.60, for $69.95 plan is $2,794.60, for $89.95 plan is $3,274.60, based on 24 month broadband plan with HomeLine® Plus (an extra $31.95 per month), plus a $349 standard professional installation.

All of Telstra’s existing HomeLine voice plans will be available in the NBN first release sites over Telstra’s existing copper network and customers in NBN enabled new estates will have access to HomeLine Budget, HomeLine Plus, HomeLine Reach and HomeLine Ultimate plans on the NBN. Eligible customers will also continue to have access to Telstra’s Pensioner Discount Scheme.

Telstra this week will also launch its Fibre Experience Centre which will be travelling the country, setting up in the heart of NBN rollout locations, to provide locals with a hands-on experience of Telstra services on the NBN. The Telstra Fibre Experience Centre will visit the five mainland NBN first release sites on a rolling schedule, starting in Kiama Downs in NSW from the end of this week to 16 March.

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*Download speeds - These speeds exceed the capabilities of some content servers and personal computers.  Actual speeds will be slower and will vary due to a number of factors including hardware and software configuration, source and type of content downloaded, the number of users and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by Telstra.  Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by ethernet cable. Speeds slow to 256kbps once monthly allowance reached.


® Registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556.