Media Release, 17 February 2015

Telstra enterprise and business customers now have access to a world-leading technology precinct, purpose-built to foster innovation and partnerships, with the opening of Telstra’s Customer Insights Centre (CIC) in Sydney.

Spanning 3600 square metres over the entire second level of Telstra’s 400 George Street office in Sydney’s CBD, it houses a 300 person auditorium, workshop and collaboration spaces, partner pop-up installations, a restaurant, and many hands-on technology demonstration areas featuring state of the art business solutions.

Andy Bateman, Director of Segment Marketing at Telstra, says the centre was designed to bring together leading-edge technologies, innovations and insights to shift customers’ expectations of what’s possible in their business – and how Telstra can help.

“We care about developing deep, consultative relationships with our customers to deliver value that goes well beyond sales of products and services. The types of solutions that will drive growth and productivity for our customers are abundant, but rely on bringing together the right mix of partners, designers and system architects. The CIC is about bringing all those elements together and co-creating the right solution to give our customers a competitive advantage.

“When you bring a customer to the CIC, it’s not just about a PowerPoint presentation and a tour. It’s a completely bespoke journey, unique to each customer, showing our understanding of their industry, their issues, their opportunities and their customers. It’s a workshop; designed by our specialists in design thinking, collaboration and solution design,” he said.

At the heart of the space is the centre’s Insight Ring, a nine metre, 360 degree interactive circle-shaped platform that surrounds visitors with digital insights mined from Telstra’s comprehensive knowledge of markets, customers and industries. In another area, a 14-screen Converged Media Lab offers sophisticated analytics from the global social media landscape.

“Every part of this centre has been designed to convert insights into business outcomes and as a unique global insights hub, we’re sure it will help us create with our customers a brilliant connected future,” Bateman adds.

The CIC is just one example of where Telstra is investing in superior intelligent networks, solutions and services on a global scale to share information from customers, experts and partners as unique business insights. This centre follows the successful launch of the Telstra Discovery store in 2014, designed to blur the lines between digital and physical worlds and provide customers with a personalised experience.