Telstra manages hybrid cloud

Media Release, 26 July 2016

Today Telstra added to its cloud portfolio by launching the Telstra Cloud Management Platform, a solution to help businesses operate hybrid cloud environments by providing a single, comprehensive view of their private and public cloud services.

Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform provides a critical layer across multiple cloud platforms that gives customers visibility across all their cloud resource, the ability to monitor applications as well as automate how workloads respond and scale in-line with business demands.

The solution’s self-service function helps IT to make a broader range of cloud services accessible to the business in way that ensures policies and budgets are maintained, while the platform’s analytics helps identify efficiencies and reduce costs.

Michelle Bendschneider, Telstra’s Executive Director, Global Products, said businesses were increasingly using a combination of private and public cloud solutions and needed help to manage these hybrid environments, so Cloud Management was an obvious next step in Telstra’s multi-cloud strategy.

“Over the last few years, Telstra has invested heavily to bring together our leading global network, cloud infrastructure and data centre capabilities with the world’s most popular public cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer and VMware vCloud Air . By combining these clouds with the connection and security capabilities of Cloud Gateway and the management tools from this new platform, we can provide customers with the choice, control and confidence they need to truly embrace the cloud.

“With more than 65% of enterprises looking to implement hybrid cloud architectures by 2017, we think Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform will be a big help for our customers who need to overcome the many complexities associated with managing these environments. Cloud Management essentially enables IT departments to simplify the experience of connecting to, buying and managing cloud services right across their business, while ensuring compliance,” said Ms Bendschneider.

The Telstra Cloud Management Platform is powered by RightScale, a global leader in cloud management technology. RightScale provides organisations with rich analytics, self-service enablement, and a powerful management console across multiple cloud resources, helping to make businesses more agile and cost efficient

“Hybrid and multi-cloud are the strategy of choice for companies today,” said Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale. “By offering the RightScale Cloud Management Platform along with Cloud Gateway and access to a wide range of public and private cloud options, Telstra can deliver a comprehensive set of business solutions for organisations in Australia as they seek to leverage cloud resources.”

Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform will be available in Australia and internationally from next month.

1 All four public cloud platforms available to customers in Australia. IBM Softlayer and Amazon Web Services for international customers.
2 IDC Asia/Pacific: