Media Release, 18 April 2016

Telstra has added two cloud-based online video platforms to its global media portfolio – the Video Monetisation Solution (VMS) and Online Video Solution (OVS) – designed to help professional and digital media organisations more effectively stream, deliver and distribute online video content.

Speaking from the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, Trevor Boal, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said the two solutions leverage industry-leading technology from Ooyala and strengthen Telstra’s professional and digital media portfolio, which includes global satellite and teleports services, Global Media Networks, SNG and miniature camera capabilities, supported from a state of the art Broadcast Operations Centre.

“As the world's thirst for online video content continues to grow exponentially, so too does the desire for a more personalised and higher quality viewing experience. However for many media customers – from large-scale broadcasters to smaller publishers – the complexity of delivering an on-demand service from scratch can seem daunting, due to the associated technical challenges and costs.

“This means an increasing number of media customers are looking to new platforms which incorporate data analytics services to deliver enhanced and more targeted video content to audiences across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.”

Mr Boal said Telstra’s VMS is specifically designed for broadcasters, content owners and pay-TV operators, enabling them to deliver high quality video content with studio-grade protection, rights-management and flexible monetisation options, including advertising, subscription or transactional models.

“Using VMS, customers can create customised video experiences – including transcoding and publishing workflows – from a centrally-managed platform that comes complete with a full range of analytics, providing near real-time reporting and business intelligence data.

“With insights into the most popular viewer platforms and most successful syndication partners, data from the VMS allows customers to understand how viewers are using the service – including what they are watching, where they are watching from and how long they are engaged.

“As a result, customers can entice viewers with content recommendations based on their consumption history and behaviours, to drive more engaging, personalised experiences and reduce churn. Additionally, these insights can be used to identify the most valuable content, enabling more effective rights negotiations and reducing content acquisitions costs.”

Mr Boal said Telstra’s OVS – which was launched in Australia in 2015 and is now available to Telstra’s customers globally – is a high quality, end to end video publishing solution, suitable for enterprises and consumer brands looking to deliver tailored video content to capture larger audiences, increase viewer engagement and drive better revenue results.

“From consumer brands looking to communicate via short-form video to media companies wishing to publish and monetise live or on-demand events, OVS can help a range of customers publish their content to a global audience, while opening new revenue opportunities.

“Equipped with powerful data analytics and near real-time reporting tools, OVS allows customers to discover untapped audiences and fine-tune their marketing programs for improved results. This is essential for driving true personalisation and differentiating content in today’s hyper-competitive and evolving market,” Mr Boal concluded.