Telstra connects Department of Human Services to a new communications future

Media Release, 25 June 2013

The Department of Human Services and Telstra have announced the signing of a new agreement worth $474 million over five years* for Telstra to build and manage a new unified communications network.

The new network will connect all of the Department and its master programs, providing significant cost savings and productivity benefits for the government and enable better service delivery outcomes for the Australian public.

Bespoke networks will be replaced with a new backbone collaborative network allowing for new IP telephony services, IP call centre services as well as video conferencing services to more than 40,000 users.

The Minister for Human Services, Senator Kim Carr, said service delivery reform is not just a marketing slogan – it must have real meaning for the people of Australia.

“This contract provides better services and greater access for some of our most disadvantaged citizens, as well as providing a boost for Australian industry,” Senator Kim Carr said.

Paul Geason, Group Managing Director, Telstra Enterprise & Government, said the agreement with Department of Human Services further cements Telstra’s strategy of growing its network application and services business.

“Telstra is very proud to partner with the Department to implement a new collaborative communication future. Providing a single end to end integrated communication platform allows the Department to offer the most efficient and effective cross agency communication,” Mr Geason said.

“Through our expertise in network applications and services, Telstra will not only roll out the new network but will also fully manage the entire platform for the Department, including the telephony, multi-channel contact centre and video conferencing services.

“The new network will leverage continuous advances in Telstra’s Next IP network, providing the advanced security, reliability and low latency needed by the Department and its master programs delivering cost efficiencies and cost benefits,” Mr Geason said.

Telstra hopes the strategy adopted by the Department of Human Services to consolidate disparate networks into a single, fully managed, network platform will become a model for other agencies seeking to realize benefits and at the same time achieve cost savings.

“In the current economic climate, agencies are eager to deliver high value, efficient solutions to address the expectations of the Australian public. Telstra understands that, and, as in the case of DHS, stands ready to help as a trusted partner,” Mr Geason said.