Telstra announces investment in leading application delivery provider Instart Logic

Media Release, 21 January 2016

Telstra Ventures today announced it had made a strategic investment in Instart Logic, a leading provider of next generation application delivery services based in Palo Alto, California.

Mark Sherman, Managing Director of Telstra Ventures, said the investment was driven by the opportunity presented by Instart Logic’s application delivery service, which helps companies cost-effectively improve the performance, user experience and security of websites and applications.

“Given mobility continues to be one of the top trends in the technology space, we are excited to start the year with an investment in Instart Logic. Their end-to-end application delivery platform combines machine learning for performance and security with a CDN for delivery,” said Mr Sherman.

“Instart logic’s platform uses a machine learning based approach to better predict user behaviour, downloading only the relevant aspects of a webpage and enabling users to view and interact with a page before all elements have finished loading. These techniques are highly beneficial in a mobile first world as they can reduce the download size of a typical application by more than 30%.”

Instart Logic’s application delivery platform also provides comprehensive multi-layered security capabilities to protect against Distributed Denial of Service and other cyber security attacks.

“We are looking forward to working with Instart Logic to apply their technology in our business. The market that they supply is huge and we are confident in their ability to execute,” said Mr Sherman.

Manav Mital, Chief Executive Officer of Instart Logic said the company had rapidly grown sales in 2015 and is ambitious about their developments in the coming year.

“We welcome the investment from Telstra, who we believe will be a strong partner as we expand our business outside of the United States. Asia has emerged as a global hub for mobile app businesses and we do see a lot of opportunities for us in the region by leveraging Telstra’s rich experience and footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

“2015 was a big year for us with more than 500 market-leading websites utilizing our application delivery service. Geographically, we also expanded to Oregon, Toronto, and London. I am confident our relationship with Telstra will help us grow and diversify our customer base even further,” said Mr Mital.