Media Release, 13 March 2012

Specialist recruitment and HR services provider, Randstad, has signed a three year deal with Telstra to provide the company with a range of telecommunications services and move the company to a cloud-computing operating model.

Under the agreement Randstad will gradually transition to cloud computing services from Telstra allowing Randstad to maximise the return on investment from its legacy hardware.

Telstra will manage and connect Randstad’s 50 offices to the Telstra Next IP network as well as the roll out of Telstra IP Telephony for its 1,000-strong workforce. Telstra will also provide Next G mobile phones and 4G enterprise mobile broadband services as part of the agreement.

Kevin O’Neill, chief information officer, Randstad, said Telstra has enabled the company to reap the benefits from deploying emerging technologies, creating productivity and efficiency gains through the consolidation of services to a single-vendor and improving Randstad’s disaster recovery capability.

“With much of our IT infrastructure gradually coming to the end of its life cycle, we had the choice to deploy new infrastructure or take advantage of the latest operating models such as cloud computing. We now have the opportunity to maximise our existing investments in hardware whilst transitioning to a local, secure and proven cloud-computing model in the mid-term. The scalability and flexibility benefits of the cloud model in particular, support our growth strategy within the Asia-Pacific region,” Mr O’Neill said.

“We can leverage new mobile technologies immediately, such as Telstra’s 4G network, to enable our employees to utilise new, data-rich services that improve connectivity and collaboration. We need a reliable, secure and consistent network performance across our business, whether our consultants or our clients are located in major metropolitan hubs or in more remote locations. We need to be able to service the varied needs of our clients and Telstra has the proven capability to deliver this.

“Through Telstra, Randstad has also been able to improve its disaster recovery capability. This was evidenced by the Queensland floods when staff were able to work remotely using the mobile data network which minimised the impact on the broader Randstad business,” Mr O’Neill said.

Paul Geason, Group Managing Director, Telstra Enterprise & Government, said the deal would modernise Randstad’s working practices and lay the groundwork for an IT infrastructure and software model that will prepare the company for the next decade.

“Randstad has a progressive communications and IT strategy in place and Telstra is pleased to be working with the company to help them achieve their vision for a scalable IT platform to support their workforce,” Mr Geason said.

“Telstra is investing more than $800 million in cloud computing across the next few years and Randstad will be able to benefit directly from this investment as we move their organisation into the Telstra cloud,” Mr Geason said.