Protect yourself online - Ten simple tips

Media Release, 14 June 2013

To mark National Cyber Security Awareness Week, Telstra is reminding everybody of the simple steps they can take to protect themselves and their families online.

National Cyber Security Awareness Week is an Australian Government initiative held annually in partnership with industry, consumer and community organisations, as well as all levels of government, to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security and the simple steps people can take to protect themselves online.

Ten simple tips that you can follow for better online security:

  1. Install and update your security software; set it to scan regularly.
  2. Turn on automatic updates on all your software, particularly your operating system and applications.
  3. Use strong passwords and different passwords for different uses.
  4. Stop and think before you click on links and attachments.
  5. Take care when transacting online – research the supplier and use a safe payment method.
  6. Only download "apps" from reputable publishers and read all permission requests.
  7. Regularly check your privacy settings on social networking sites.
  8. Stop and think before you post any photos or financial information online.
  9. Talk with your child about staying safe online, including on their smartphone or mobile device.
  10. Report or talk to someone if you feel uncomfortable or threatened online – download the Government's Cybersafety Help Button.

Source: Stay Smart Online

As part of the Cyber Security Awareness Week, today Telstra presented the first prize to the winners of the inaugural 2012 Cyber Defence University Challenge held in April.

According the Glenn Chisholm, Telstra’s Chief Information Security Officer, the Challenge, like Cyber Security Awareness Week, is another initiative to promote the importance of cyber security, and more specifically showcase information security as a potential career for ICT graduates.

“As Australia becomes more technology driven, it’s important that everyone is responsible for protecting themselves online and good online security behaviours start with individuals” Mr Chisholm said. “Almost daily there are new cyber threats that arise and threaten Australian businesses. It’s critical that we have people in the industry with the necessary IT skills to protect against vulnerabilities.

“The Cyber Defence University Challenge provided the opportunity for teams of undergraduates to participate in a real world scenario, similar to the challenges that many businesses face today,” continued Mr Chisholm. “This hopefully has ignited a passion for the field of information security and is now something they will consider as a career option”.

Courtesy of Telstra, the winning team of four IT undergraduates from the University of New South Wales will attend the Black Hat 2012 conference in LA in July 2012.