Media Release, 02 April 2015

In an Australian First, Telstra is helping millions of existing mobile customers to swap their excess data charges for the simplicity of automatic data top ups when they need them.

Telstra’s Extra Data feature launches on 12 May and gives eligible customers the personal option to receive additional data in 1GB blocks when they reach their monthly data limit for a flat rate of just $10 per block (or part block).

The Extra Data feature is being made available to all Telstra’s consumer smartphone, tablet and mobile broadband customers on a plan and eligible business customers – not just customers taking up new plans.

Telstra Retail Group Executive, Gordon Ballantyne, said Extra Data would give customers the choice to use more data when they want it at a great-value per gigabyte rate, giving them greater confidence and control over their data use and combating bill shock.

“We want our customers to enjoy using data on their smartphones and mobile broadband devices on Australia’s best mobile network with confidence.

“Instead of counting megabytes, Extra Data will allow our customers to focus on the things they really love about using their mobile on our network – like streaming, sharing, browsing and connecting in more places.

“And if they want to continue to share, stream and download once they reach their plan allowance, they can do so without having to worry about unexpected data charges or contacting us to add a data pack.”

Mr Ballantyne said Telstra was unique in making sure its millions of loyal customers on older plans have the option to benefit from new data rates by swapping to Extra Data.

Extra Data works together with Telstra’s real-time data alerts, also an industry first, to put customers in control and help be protected from bill shock.

Telstra alerts customers in real-time when they have used 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their included data allowance on consumer post-paid plans. Mobile data usage alerts dispatched by other mobile operators in Australia are typically delayed by up to 48 hours.

How Extra Data works

In May, current customers on eligible mobile, tablet and mobile broadband plans will be invited to opt in to receive Extra Data on their plan via the Telstra 24x7® App or by heading online.

Extra Data means customers will automatically receive an Extra Data top up the moment they go over their plan allowance, giving them the flexibility to continue using mobile data, knowing that they can enjoy great value from their gigabyte. Customers are sent an SMS or email alert each time they receive an Extra Data top up, so they’re always in the know.

At the end of the billing month a customer’s allowance will go back to their monthly data allowance and any unused Extra Data that has been applied will expire.

Extra Data is part of a wider program to put Telstra customers confidently in control of their mobile spend that has included:

  • Introducing Australia’s first real-time data alerts for Post-Paid mobile customers
  • Introducing a Peace of Mind Commitment, where eligible customers receive unlimited calls SMS and MMS plus 25GB of data for use in Australia in the first month of their contract so they can set up their new device without fear of exceeding their included allowances
  • Becoming the first mobile operator to make mobile calls to 1800 numbers free of charge