Media Release, 19 July 2012

In a Telstra HeroMessage first, one of Australia’s most prominent young artists, David Hart, has called on the Australian public and two iconic Aussie Olympians to inspire his next creation and launch Telstra’s HeroMessage campaign for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Hart was today joined by legendary Olympians Cathy Freeman and Geoff Huegill who provided their own inspirational HeroMessages and helped to put on canvas the first splash of paint in a masterpiece designed to spur on our Aussie athletes in London.

“I am honoured to launch Telstra’s HeroMessage program, and create a piece of art that’s been inspired by my fellow Australians,” said Mr Hart.

“To have Cathy Freeman and Geoff Huegill, two of my all-time heroes, assist me in producing this artwork is incredibly uplifting.  I encourage all Australians to send our athletes a HeroMessage and look forward to drawing upon these messages of inspiration to bring this canvas to life,” he added.

A Telstra HeroMessage can be sent two ways: via SMS to 0428 MYHERO (694 376) or online at

Freeman, a recipient of thousands of Telstra HeroMessages during her illustrious career, was equally excited to join David Hart and the nation in supporting our London heroes.

“What a great thrill to join David and Geoff in starting this amazing artwork for our athletes. Along my Olympic journey I read thousands of Telstra HeroMessages from Australians back home, and some of those were so inspiring that I can remember them vividly today,” said Freeman.

Born and raised in the dust of the Australian outback (Broken Hill), David Hart’s artistic expression came from his hero and father Pro Hart, so it wasn’t surprising to see David’s creation take shape from “un-conventional” methods at today’s Telstra HeroMessage launch.

Utilising sporting equipment and materials that Hart hopes will propel our athletes to gold in London, such as a BMX bike wheel, running spikes, basketball and swimming goggles, Hart literally splashed, swept, rolled and threw paint across his canvas.

Since its inception at the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games, Telstra has delivered over one million inspirational HeroMessages of support to Australian athletes participating at the Olympic Games, and Telstra’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Buckman, is expecting Australians to continue that amazing support throughout the London Games.

“A Telstra HeroMessage is a powerful and emotional way to connect with our Olympic athletes and I encourage all Australians to harness the Olympic spirit and spur on our athletes and teams to greatness in London,”  he said.

With only eight days until the Australian Olympic Team march into London’s Olympic Stadium, it’s time to inspire our athletes and connect the nation with the perfect Telstra HeroMessage.