Help celebrate brilliance in Australia's local businesses

Media Release, 06 January 2014

Some of Australia’s best business leaders have called on consumers to start the New Year with positivity, and say thanks to their best local businesses by nominating them for Australia’s most prestigious business awards.

As nominations open for the 2014 Telstra Business Awards, 120 of Australia’s most successful small and medium business owners have shed light on what they think makes a brilliant business and the attributes people should consider when nominating a business.

David Blackmore, Managing Director of Blackmore Wagyu Beef at Alexandra and a Telstra Awards Alumni, said: “A brilliant business needs to be able to differentiate itself from its competitors through innovation. Innovation is the key factor in a business evolving and getting better at what they do. It is however just as important that the business can communicate the innovation and improvement to its customers.

“For a business to be successful, it needs to have a comprehensive business plan for the future that includes a clear and concise understanding of the company’s past performance. It’s also important for your business plan to be flexible so that it can change quickly for your customers’ expectations, and so that innovative and new improved processing practices can be implemented quickly,” Mr Blackmore said.

The most desirable attributes from the business leaders were passion, customer service, innovation and business planning. Other highly-rated attributes were financial management, great people, customer satisfaction, a clear vision and knowing your market.

Will Irving, Group Managing Director of Telstra Business and Telstra Business Awards Ambassador, said Telstra was committed to the Awards because they provided unique opportunities for small and medium businesses to grow and prosper.

“Recognising successful small and medium businesses, that are an example to others, benefits our future as they are the backbone of Australia’s economy and employment. Rewarding innovative thinking and doing encourages businesses to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

“The nomination process is really simple, only takes a minute but can make a real difference to the business involved,” Mr Irving said.

Nominations can be made on the Telstra Business Awards website or by calling 1800 AWARDS. Entries for the 2014 Telstra Business Awards can be submitted from 3 February until 31 March.

Peter Strong, Executive Director of The Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA), said: “Small business is all about the people - the people who create, who innovate and who have imagination are going to be found in the small business community.

“Small businesses are leading the way in many areas, particularly in exporting where they are heavily involved, and many are under the radar. When a business wins an award, it’s really special because someone has encouraged it to enter and it’s an award for the people in the business - the owner and the employees,” Mr Strong said.