Media Release, 02 April 2012

Daylight saving concluded at 3am this Sunday 1 April 2012 in New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT, Tasmania and South Australia where the time is adjusted backwards an hour to 2am.

Telstra T-Hub

Most T-Hub devices will automatically transition back to Standard Time.

However where customers have previously adjusted their time settings manually, a T-Hub may not automatically transition.  These customers will need to correct their T-Hub time settings manually.

Changing the time on a T-Hub is quick and easy. From the Home screen press the right arrow to reach the second screen:

  1. Touch the Clock Icon
  2. Touch the ‘Time’ field on the left hand side
  3. Enter the new time and touch ‘Done’.

Telstra T-Box

The T-Box will automatically update to standard saving time at 3am on Sunday 1 April 2012 provided customers have installed the latest software update. See steps below on how to check your software version.

Customers who record programmes using T-Box's electronic programme guide (EPG) should experience a seamless transition.

During the transition to Daylight Saving time we recommend T-Box customers avoid using the manual recording feature available in ‘My Recordings’ as they may be affected by the time change.

How to check your software version

You can check which software version is currently installed on your T-box by doing the following:

  1. From the T-Box Main menu select ‘Settings’ press OK
  2. Press the left arrow to get ‘T-Box Information’ press OK
  3. Select ‘System Information’, press OK

The software version is displayed on the 3rd line after ‘Software Version’.

As at 29 March 2012 the latest software version is 5.2.65-70 (2 Feb 2012).

Sometimes T-Box updates may not happen automatically. To update software manually:

  1. From the Main menu select ‘Settings’ press OK
  2. Press the left arrow to get ‘T-Box Information’ press OK
  3. Select ‘System Information’ press OK
  4. While on the System Information screen, press the red button on your remote control.
  5. The 4th line will say ‘Internet: Please wait…’ Your T-Box is checking for updates
  6. Once checking has been complete the 4th line will go back to ‘Internet: OK (connected)’
  7. If there are any updates you’ll see a message on screen with instructions to start the update

If your T-Box is up to date, and your time settings aren’t updating please call customer support on 1300 136 841.

Advice for customers on the NSW-Queensland border

Customers who are on the Queensland border may receive free to air broadcasts for both States and so program schedules may differ.  For customers who experience issues with this we suggest trying another Time Zone in the T-Box Settings. To change the time zone

  • From the Main menu go to ‘Settings’ Press ‘OK’
  • Press ‘OK’ again to select ‘Time zone’
  • Press up and down to find the State you want to change to and press ‘OK’