Customers and partners to get creative with Telstra's app development environment

Media Release, 29 May 2014

Telstra has today announced the launch of a new app development environment for its carrier grade voice and video TIPT solution.

The new app development environment integrates the TIPT solution with customer business applications. This presents exciting opportunities for Telstra customers to get creative and tailor options in order to meet individual end-user needs, and without the significant investment usually associated with this type of development.

The TIPT App Development Environment consists of an open Application Programming Interface (API) accessible over the internet by customers and third party developers. It also includes a certification lab inbuilt into a three tier application structure:

  • Telstra owned, operated and supported apps including UC-one, Telstra’s desktop and mobile collaboration app;
  • Certified third party apps accredited on the Telstra network and supported by Telstra partners including presence applications (integrating Microsoft Lync and TIPT); and
  • Open tier, allowing customers to develop specific apps to meet their individual needs.

Philip Jones, Telstra Executive Director Global Products & Solutions said, “We are enabling our customers and partners to do things that they haven’t been able to do before by integrating our carrier grade voice and video TIPT solution into their businesses. This drives real benefits including quicker response times and improved service. We are also creating new business models for our partners and third party developers where they can innovate on our platform and create new revenue streams whist driving value for customers.”

“Allowing Telstra’s network and software assets to be made accessible to developers and customers in this way is an important first step and represents a fundamental change in driving innovation into the future,” Mr Jones added.

Telstra partners are already using the TIPT App Development Environment to provide innovative solutions for their customers. Camelon ICT Solutions have developed, among others, a Camelon Presence app that integrates Microsoft Lync with TIPT for Telstra customers.

Myles McNamara, Camelon ICT Solutions General Manager said, “With the TIPT App Development Environment, we’re not just imagining the possibilities of a whole new suite of solutions including CRM integration and wizard tools, we’re making them happen for our TIPT customers.”

The TIPT App Development Environment further extends Telstra’s market leadership in Cloud Collaboration, one of the fastest growing segments of the Unified Communications (UC) market.

TIPT is a flexible, subscription-based voice and video cloud collaboration solution for large offices, branch offices and remote sites. It integrates seamlessly with other equipment so that customers can expand or upgrade communication capabilities, while leverage existing investments. It recently celebrated its ten year anniversary in the market and houses hundreds of thousands of services.