BigPond Games site security incident

Media Release, 24 May 2012

* Updated at 10:40am

Telstra has reset the passwords of some of its GameArena and Games Shop service members, after the sites, operated by a third party company, were victims of a hacking attack.

Information that might have been obtained was limited to GameArena or Games Shop usernames, the email address used to join the site and the encrypted GameArena and Games Shop passwords of up to 35,000 members, however as a precaution Telstra has reset passwords for up to 230,000 GameArena and Games Shop members who access the site using a non-BigPond email address (e.g. Hotmail or Gmail).

No financial or credit card details were kept on the sites.

We are now contacting affected members, providing them with their new password.

In the meantime, advice to GameArena and Games Shop affected members has been posted on the homepage of those sites, informing them of the password reset.  While the passwords were encrypted, as a precaution Telstra encourages games service account holders to change their password at any other sites where it may have been used.

To clarify, Telstra BigPond Broadband account password details have not been affected.