Australians decide: when it comes to 4G, its the network that matters

Media Release, 08 October 2013

This week marks two years since Telstra launched Australia’s first 4G mobile network and customer demand for superfast 4G mobile services continues to accelerate. More than 3.2 million 4G devices are now operating on the Telstra network.

Group Executive Director Telstra Mobile and Wireline Warwick Bray said the popularity of 4G continued to grow across Australia with Telstra attracting record numbers of mobile customers to its network.

“There has been unprecedented demand for superfast mobile services over the last two years,” he said. “Since launch, we have activated more than 3.2 million 4G devices on our 4G network. This includes more than 360,000 4G smartphones since June 30 this year, or more than 25,000 per week.”

Mr Bray said Telstra was committed to offering its customers the best mix of products and services and has recently announced a range of new products and offers which recognise the changing ways customers are using their mobile devices.

“Telstra has launched 15 new 4G devices since January. Last week we launched Australia’s first shared data plans, where customers can share their monthly mobile data allowance between their devices - including tablets and laptops - all in one package.

“This follows our announcement last month that we would cut the cost of our international roaming PAYG data rates by 80 per cent as well as give our customers purchasing our international data packs five times more data. From next week, our customers will have access to one of the cheapest and most flexible international data roaming offers in the market.

“We have also launched a new device swap, replacement and restoration service, Telstra StayConnected and StayConnected Plus, which allows customers to swap or replace their device for any reason up to twice per year and back up key data from the cloud so they can get back up and running right away.

“The introduction of these products and offers underlines our commitment to our customers. We remain committed to listening to them and understanding what they want from us and responding to their changing needs as mobile technology becomes ever more important in their everyday lives,” Mr Bray said

Telstra Executive Director Networks Mike Wright said Telstra had switched on its 2,500th 4G base station in Young NSW to mark the second anniversary of 4G.

“We currently have more than 100 construction teams across the country building out our 4G network at a rate of up to 100 new sites per week,” he said. “We will switch on another 1000 4G base stations by Christmas 2013 which will take 4G to 85 per cent of the population, including 300 regional towns and holiday hotspots.

“Our superior coverage means that our customers can make calls and get online in more places and their calls will be more reliable on the train, on the way to work or when they walk to the back of their house. Our customers will also experience a more reliable speed experience when they use our data services,” he said.

“As a result of expanded spectrum and network capabilities we are now amending the typical download speeds customers can expect to receive on the 4G network from 2 to 40Mbps up to 2 to 50Mbps, highlighting the continued strength and reliability of the network.”

Telstra recently began an advertising campaign reminding Australians that when it comes to choosing a mobile provider, it is the network that matters.

“As our mobile devices become more important in our everyday lives, we need a mobile network we can trust. Our customers are telling us that it is the network that matters. There is no such thing as the right plan if you are on the wrong network,” said Mr Wright.

Telstra said customers can expect Telstra to continue to launch more innovative product and service offers in the lead up to Christmas.